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Thread: Very Curious...

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    Very Curious...

    The lack of feedback from anyone official lately has made me very curious.

    Edit: I have changed the reason I posted this, due to getting a better understanding of what is going on.

    I discovered that things although slow, are not as dire as I feared. ( paranoia I guess )

    I am still looking forward to arch recipes being put in where we master architects can learn new things like the ramps when they are put in.

    Answering weekly questions has been very good in keeping us informed.

    ( oh and jeeze ddt, do you have to literally spin every post to look as if nobody has a clue but you? )

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    I have to say I've had the same concern lately. I'm grinding away and lugging materials around, working hard in hopes to be ready when change comes. I have hope for the future of Xsyon and have stuck with it, regardless of the issues. It would be nice to see an encouraging sign to keep me motivated. If I need to give it up and move on, cut my losses(time spent), let me know now, please.

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    Yeh me too and I would like them to avoid using the following......
    Soon, very soon, sooner.... oh and FIXED..... as previous bad experiences and hopes have been shattered

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    kk will look when home can get on phone for some reason

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    I will give an honest answer. Scavenging is broken, Tree regrowth takes too damn long. Barley any communication on the fourms-IRC and barley hear any1 ingame. Also tierd of fighting to try n keep people active. So im just siting on the sidelines waiting for the patchs, i See no reason to play as i used to as Waiting just makes me even more angry. So i find other things to keep me busy, its the end of summer atm so ima enjoy that :-)

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    August 5 2011 "Xsyon Updates"

    Xsyon said:
    These past few weeks have been very hectic with a few team members spending time in the hospital and other personal interferences. I am headed back to the US in a few days and have a lot to deal with before I return. I will answer the weekly questions and update what's in development as soon as possible.
    That's been less than a week ago, Team members in the hospital, And he still has to fly back home. I don't think they are losing steam, Just shifting gears again.

    That's sad to hear Fat, I really didn't see you dropping out yet. But everyone has a litmit to what they can deal with.

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    i still log in here n their, but rather wait for patchs before wanting to do much ingame. besides i got a family n its the end of summer, Time to get good use outa that pool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mactavendish View Post
    Very true Aliksteel
    So, this means you are satisfied with the answer the devs - oh wait, its Aliksteel's response, quoting something Jordi typed a week ago - have for you?

    If thats true, can someone lock/close this not positive thread?
    Because for you know it, more negativism will be typed here.. and 'we' don't need more of that .

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