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    Current Developer Answer to Scav

    First i'd like to say thanks to the devs for answering the questions and I look forward to the things you are bringing into the game in the near future (mutants/carts )

    Regarding scavaging u answered the following and I would like to make a suggestion:-

    We patched out a table with revised saw blades last Friday. The main distribution of scavenged objects is with materials and patterns, not so much with components which should be found in most territories. It really doesn't make sense for us to post full tables of what can be found where as players should be figuring that out by exploring!
    Many of has have spent numerous hours/weeks or whatever exploring/scavanging before and after recent "fixes" only to become majorly disheartened by what has been done.

    I for one I am the exploring type but not everyone is but i am starting to feel why should i keep going out for hours when i have no trust in the system anymore we are told yeh its adjusted/fixed only to be dissapointed.
    My suggestion is with the population small and only so many people who actually like exploring etc could you give say an idea of where we would likely find 1 type of resourse which we could go out and test (im not looking for a free ride or a full table to be given) just something to bring back our confidence in the system.

    Hell it might even lead to a few scuffles (bring your axes folks )

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    Update: Saw blades are being found pretty much everywhere, although the drop rate is less than before.

    I still think it needs to have the drop rate upped so that this most basic tool can be found by the average new player.

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    Yeh the op is outdated now, would be interested to know what new players are able to scavange compared to someone with 100 skill with the current system now,

    I'm 100 scav 93 perception and can now again find weights, old saw, old pipe, pruning saw, fork head, spade head etc, oh and lamppost head and freeway rails lol any new players getting these too?

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    how about architecture schemes? Cause I have not learned any.

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