Lighthearted Read

Wow devs did i read throwing knifes, carts, mutants in the latest answered questions....awesome

Ive got a plan:-

1. Craft new cart plus 1 extra oversized wheel.
2. Take your new toy out for a ride.
3. Find an ingame **Developer like **Dez or if not a **guide will do
4. Tie him up with grass rope or similar and secure him to oversize wheel.
5. Find nearby tribe wall or mountain and fix wheel (with dev) and spin it.
6. Take 10 steps back and 60 second timer begins
7. Take out your nice new throwing knifes
8. 2xXP gain for a hit, 5xXP gain for a miss (but still has to hit spinning wheel)
9. Once timer finishes dev/guide is auto released to run away...unless u "accidentaly on purpose" fired in a few head shots then you can take the head as a "Fluff" item to decorate your totem/trophy wall.

Now that seems fun frustration, XP gain and fun all solved in 1 mini game


** after writing this i was wondering if inciting terrorism/torture on game developers gets u banned....if so replace the words Developer/Dez/Guides with mutants/zombies pretty similar anyways