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    Feedback Request: Scavenging

    Greetings Survivors!

    We are currently looking for feedback on the current Scavenging system.
    Please remember this is for the latest update.

    We would like to know the following information...

    - What items seem to rare?

    - What items seem to common?

    - Are there any items you are not finding at all, or not herd of any other player finding.

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    Zone 777, on junkpile. Junkpile not in any tribe land. Scavenging skill is 100, perception is 71.

    1: (Nothing)
    2: (Nothing)
    3: 1 VHQ Patchwork leather
    4: (Nothing)
    5: 1 HQ Hoe head
    6: 3 HQ Short metal posts (80% encumbered)
    7: 3 MQ Aluminum long metal boards (encumbered)
    8: 36 VHQ Beer tabs
    9: 9 HQ Cobalt grass cloth scraps ("Cobalt" and "grass"???)
    10: 2 HQ Steel long metal studs (50% encumbered)
    11: (Nothing)
    12: 76 HQ Quarters
    13: (Nothing)
    14: 73 HQ Bottlecaps
    15: (Nothing)
    16: (Nothing)
    17: (Nothing)
    18: 24 HQ Iron screws
    19: (Nothing)
    20: (Nothing)
    21: 6 VHQ Stainless medium metal boards (fully encumbered)
    22: (Nothing)
    23: 10 HQ Grey Satin cloth scraps
    24: 2 HQ Iron small metal blocks
    25: (Nothing)
    26: 6 HQ Bronze small metal sheets (50% encumbered)
    27: 45 VHQ Beer tabs
    28: 62 HQ Quarters
    29: 2 MQ Small plastic sheets
    30: 2 VHQ Aluminum medium metal boards
    31: 3 MQ Stainless long metal boards (fully encumbered)
    32: 1 HQ Bronze long metal boards
    33: 1 VHQ Patchwork leather
    34: (Nothing)
    35: 4 VHQ Small plastic sheets
    36: (Nothing)
    37: (Nothing)
    38: (Nothing)
    39: (Nothing)
    40: (Strange thing: game tells me I've uncovered something useful but nothing is added to inventory)
    41: 1 HQ Lamp post head (90% encumbered)
    42: (Nothing)
    43: 2 VHQ Iron short metal boards
    44: (Nothing)
    45: 50 HQ Iron bolts
    46: (Nothing)
    47: (Nothing)
    48: 1 HQ Found leather scraps
    49: 1 HQ Patchwork leather
    50: (Nothing)

    My opinion: found a hoe head, thus weapon parts can be found again. That's a good thing. Finding one in 50 attempts is fine too. I've never before seen the Lamp post, a new item? Sadly even 1 piece of it is too heavy to bring home. That said, practically all metal boards, sheets, posts, etc. are too heavy to carry.

    I still believe there's too many things like boards, sheets, cloth scraps and fabrics, leather that should not be scavengend but pulled out of junk.

    Added after 1 20 minutes:

    And, just for comparison, a junkpile outside of any tribe land in zone 776:

    1: (Nothing)
    2: 3 VHQ Iron small metal sheets
    3: 1 VHQ Old saw blade
    4: 2 VHQ Steel medium metal sheets
    5: 1 VHQ patchwork leather
    6: 4 VHQ Forest green linen cloth fabric
    7: (Nothing)
    8: 1 VHQ Steel small metal sheet
    9: (Nothing)
    10: 1 VHQ Patchwork leather
    11: 59 VHQ Bronze nails
    12: 95 MQ Iron rivets
    12: 1 HQ Junk plastic
    13: 1 VHQ Junk plastic
    14: 3 VHQ Medium metal boards
    15: 1 HQ Lamp post head
    16: 30 HQ Brass nails
    17: (Nothing)
    18: (Nothing)
    19: (Nothing)
    20: 1 VHQ Found leather
    21: (Nothing)
    22: (Nothing)
    23: 6 HQ Chinchilla fur scraps
    24: 5 VHQ Aluminum long metal studs
    25: (Nothing)
    26: (Nothing)
    27: 45 HQ Iron nails
    28: 2 VHQ Long metal pipes (fully encumbered)
    29: 5 HQ Aluminum medium metal boards (fully encumbered)
    30: (Nothing)
    31: 6 HQ Medium plastic sheets
    32: (Nothing)
    33: 33 HQ Stainless nails
    34: (Nothing)
    35: (Nothing)
    36: (Nothing)
    37: (Nothing)
    38: (Nothing)
    39: 3 VHQ Brass medium metal boards
    40: (Nothing)
    41: (Nothing)
    42: 6 VHQ Medium plastic sheets
    43: (Nothing)
    44: (Nothing)
    45: (Nothing)
    46: (Nothing)
    47: 4 HQ Short metal posts (fully encumbered)
    48: 1 HQ Patchwork leather
    49: (Nothing)
    50: 44 HQ Beer tabs

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    Did an hour or so of scaving last night... long path all accross the southern zones. didnt record it like above (nice work btw)... but i did start to find things that were not droping before (pick head, old pipe).

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    I've done 5-6 hours of scavenging since Friday's patch. Perception 83 and 100 scavenging. Here's my conclusions:

    Leather/fur: Still way too common. Specially since you can get the basics through hunting and sorting. Did find coyote leather scraps and raccoon fur, so it may be possible to find the coyote/raccoon fur scraps now for lvl 70 recipes, but these should be at least as common as mink/sable/chinchilla. Since the big scavenging patch, I've gone from lvl 59 to 80 in leather crafting just on scavenged leather scraps and I've also filled up a bin with scraps.

    Bones: Found one human round and a couple dog vertebra. Better than this was but could be more common, specially as it is the only source of human bones.

    Weapon Parts: You can include old saw blades and old pipes since they also stack singly. Found six weapon parts and one old saw blade. This includes two giant drill bits which doubles the number I've found since the start of the game. Since these are "one at a time" items the frequency should increase.

    Sheets/handles/blocks: Very common, and since they come in bunches the frequency could go way down. Even better, put them into the sorted metal/plastic table like metal was before and make them an uncommon scavenge result like rods/spikes/wedges/small metal plates are now.

    Rods/spikes/wedges/small metal plates: Uncommon rather than rare now. New tool crafters aren't going to be grinding on metal spikes now, but workable since you can get these sorting.

    Screws/bolts/nails/rivets: Very common. Could be decreased some to increase something else, but not a great deal since architecture and many crafts depend on fasteners.

    Patterns: Found two after big scavenging patch but none since last patch. Shouldn't be as common as they were, but should still be more common than they are now. Rarity of patterns is a huge disadvantage for new players who don't have bins and bins full of patterns.

    Money/tabs/caps/buttons: Still common. OK with this.

    Boards/studs/poles/posts/pipes: Very common. Annoying (warning understatement) because of their weight. If I was looking for something specific for a construction project, then I would look more favorably on this, but still could be much less common. Putting these into sorted resources would make more sense since you wouldn't get overloaded unless you were looking to be.

    Decorations/zippers/buckles/grips/scrap rubber : About right since they can also be found sorting.

    Feathers: Found a few. Rare and should be common or at least uncommon.

    Cloth: About right.

    Weapons: Haven't found one. Happy about this since I'm a weapon crafter, and no other crafts have complete items that could be scavenged.

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    about the same as these folks said. Still needs a bit more increased but its picking up.

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    Well, with a bit higher recipe drop and a better definition of scavenging/sorting tables would do a whole lot.

    I second Thurgond's observations as that is my own.
    - Though leather from the scrap yard is statless and leather from animals have stats. So I see it more as 'basic' mats and animals for more uncommon..

    It would be nice to see heavy objects that you commonly need to go through sorting whereas light and more rare needed items goes through scavenging.

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    After Larsa good post here is mine for comparison, i 100 scav 93 perception, and was scav large junk pile near my tribeland

    1 nothing
    2 VHQ leather book bindings
    3 VHQ Stainless Long Metal handle
    4 nothing
    5 VHQ 11 iron rivets
    6 nothing
    7 nothing
    8 HQ 40 Bronze Nails
    9 nothing
    10 HQ 3 long plastic boards
    11 VHQ 4 long metal handle
    12 nothing
    13 nothing
    14 HQ giant drill bit
    15 nothing
    16 nothing
    17 nothing
    18 nothing
    19 nothing
    20 nothing
    21 HQ 4 Crimson silk cloth fabric
    22 VHQ 34 Steel Screws
    23 HQ 44 quarters
    24 nothing
    25 nothing
    26 HQ 4 leather book bindings
    27 VHQ steel zipper
    28 nothing
    29 nothing
    30 HQ 2 Aluminium long metal board
    31 VHQ 2 stainless small metal sheets
    32 VHQ 59 pennies
    33 HQ 2 small plastic sheets
    34 nothing
    35 VHQ 67 quarters
    36 VHQ 1 found leather
    37 nothing
    38 nothing
    39 HQ 1 patchwork leather
    40 nothing
    41 HQ 2 western tanager feathers
    42 VHQ 6 medium plastic sheet
    43 HQ 2 stainless long metal handle
    44 VHQ 1 steel long metal board
    45 nothing
    46 nothing
    47 nothing
    48 HQ 4 leather book bindings
    49 HQ 4 long concrete posts (over encumbered)
    50 nothing

    Rares found gaint drill bit, also 4 concre posts overencumbered on there own.

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    Although this really doesn't belong to the scavenge part, I find it incredibly strange that 3x4x4 sorted leather bundles over weight me, but a full 6x4x4 metal stack does not.

    Primarily because all you get from sorting is items that comes in plenty through scavenging.

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    all I seem to be finding is "long metal boards" and "metal posts" never had a recipe drop, never had a saw blade drop. all the other stuff is about right eg: Feather, Rare but not impossible!

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