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    The Great Treasure Hunt! - Event 08/21

    Greetings Survivors!

    On 08/21 - this coming Sunday, a Great Treasure hunt will take place.

    Items will be spread around the world in containers, at different times of the day.
    The first Container will be placed at 08:00 am PST.

    There will only be 20 Containers, and 5 of these will be empty!
    The rewards in these containers will be substantial.

    I will be posting throughout the day roughly where they are in this thread.
    I will post 1 zone number which the container could be in or it might be in one of the 8 neighbouring zones of that zone number.

    Happy Hunting and have fun!

    p.s This is a continuation from the previous event.
    This promises to be a 'Great' Treasure hunt for all.

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    is event done and over with? did all the baskets get found?

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    I feel I should explain the situation with the recent event that I had planned to do...

    I started the event as you can see, and there were so far 10 baskets, only 5 have been found so far.
    The last 5 on that list are still to be found.

    Unfortunately I was called away on Sunday as the Event was starting, to attend a medical emergency with my pregnant wife.
    So unfortunately the Event fell short of my own expectations and also the players expectations.

    I will be rescheduling another Event very soon which promises to be a more rewarding event.

    Hopefully this did not cause to much stress for the players, but unfortunately the situation could not of been avoided.

    My apologies for the inconvenience.

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    Family first!!! you take care of that pregnant woman!

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    Yeh no worries raguel, hope all is well at your end

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    Greetings Survivors...

    Last weeks event will now take place this Sunday 08/21 at 8am PST.
    The event details are exactly the same.

    I will announce on here and in-game further details as the day unfolds.
    Please be aware, that even though this is a Treasure Hunt, not every container will have the best 'loot', some will have more common items than others.

    Thank you.

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    cant wait!!!!

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    This should be fun! I will add it to our tribe calendar.

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    Sweet - I'll be lookin.

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    Greetings Survivors!

    As promised, the event has now started!

    The first Treasure Containers are hidden in the following zones...


    More will follow!

    Happy Hunting.

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