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    Xsyon Virgin looking for guidance

    Hello Xsyon community! name's Daxon, or Dax. Just purchased the game and downloading as I speak. I live in New Zealand and am hoping to find an Oceanic tribe that's willing to help a kiwi out. If there aren't any Australia/NZ based tribes I'm willing to join anyone who offers. I'm currently in a gaming community that's Oceanic based and yeah, looking for someone to help me out in this game. (as you can see I'm not good with intros! ^.^) Look forward to seeing everyone in-game peace! <3

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    WOW I thought for sure there was some Auzzies who played, perhaps they have not seen this thread yet. If not there are many tribes that would love to have a new player. Raven Moon is small and tucked away up in the mountains (a bit of a challenge to get to) if you like a bit of solitude, we'd be happy to help you get started =)

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    Greetings new Survivor!

    Welcome to Xsyon... I hope you find the tribe your looking for.

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    hey Daxon
    Welcome to Xsyon, hope you have found the tribe you are looking for. If not check out Legion (ZOne 1020) if you are up that way. You can send Keea, Dave or My self (Liquidblade) a whisper.

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    Welcome to Pawnee Daxon

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