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Thread: Active Players

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    Active Players

    This form will automatically fill out our spreadsheet. To keep this form fresh please fill out at least once per week. We know that some members of your tribe will more than likely not fill out this form, as a Tribe Leader or officer you can add them and update their status.
    -Please do not use profanity.
    -Fill out form at least once per week.
    -Your Name will be deleted if time stamp is older than seven (7) days.
    -Abusive Names will be deleted.

    -Please delete any profanity.
    -Please delete any members that are older than seven (7) days.
    -Please delete duplicate names. (oldest)

    FORM <----Fill this out to enter your information

    <------Click Here to see the list.

    Summary and Chart <----CLick here to see charts and summary of everything. (must have Google account)

    I had to use Legions site to embed the form...I could not find a way to do it here.....

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    Great idea Liquidblade, Thanks for setting it up for us.

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    Some ass-hat just deleted everything.
    @ Liquidblade, Can you make it where only a few people can use it(Thinking known leaders only), And everyone else can see it? If not, I don't see the point of fixing it back up again. If the dumb-ass thought it was funny the first time what would stop them from doing it again.

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    Oh you have got to be kidding? What the hell is wrong with people? This was such a great idea and some loser who obviously needs to get a life wipes it? Is there any way to see who did this?

    Bah... Screw them, it they want to spend all their time wiping the spread sheet, I will spend my time putting it back up. I can be a very patient man when I have good cause LOL. Bring it loser.

    Hey, is it possible to save copies of it so we can just paste it back up?

    Added after 8 minutes:

    There is a link that says "Anyone who has this link can access this, no sign in required" So I'm guessing that it can be changed so that people have to sign in to edit. However that would require a moderator to grant access rights.

    Added after 7 minutes:

    OK I'm able to save the spread sheet and there is an "Import" function on the Google docks. So.... if everyone can add there information back in, then we can save as a spread sheet. If it gets wiped again we should be able to simply import the saved copy. I think.... I hate spread sheets lol.

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    I was afraid this was going to happen.....But it was a chance that we have to take.....Leaders please request to be added by sending me your email. or perhaps you can request through the site it self. Everyone can see but only people who send me their email can update. All Tribes have been deleted so everyone must do same thing over again...sorry people. On another note, players who wish to be added to the list can request to be added through here, there will be more than one person editing the list.

    NOTE: You can right click on the boxes, click on add comment and add additional information for everyone to see. I think this will be a great way to do trade down the road.

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    Was it not possible to use the history function to recover the lost data?

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    uhm not sure how that works. However the whole new set is better anyways. Everyone can enter their character And only tribe leaders a and those who send their email will have access to editing. I am trying to create a second form so that we can all manually update activity....but I am having a hard time, If anyone knows how to do this let me know and send me and email so that I may allow you to edit.

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    Google docs saves all edits so its possible to revert what ever change is made to a document. As long as the document is not removed : p

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    Quote Originally Posted by virror View Post
    Google docs saves all edits so its possible to revert what ever change is made to a document. As long as the document is not removed : p
    Yep, just found that out......I copied all information into the new spreadsheet.

    Added after 4 Hours 23 minutes:

    Leaders Log In Daily to update DATE/TIME!!!

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    Our member list is larger, so only put in active players

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