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    Questions for the week 8/15 through 8/21

    Please post your questions to the Devs here...

    Thank you.

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    Any plans to add special moves to combat?

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    Has there been any thought, and is there a strategy in place to keep the GUI and key binds simplified and compact? For example, have action bar slots that swap when in combat mode so that one whole set of key binds can be used for two purposes. (i.e. "1" key = scavenging while out of combat, "1" key = special melee attack while in combat) I've elaborated on this in the combat feedback.

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    When will we get bushes? (I want to pick my berries fresh off the branch, not the floor. :P )

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    Hey guys! My questions are:

    What are your thoughts on the way distant locations look right now? Personally i think the game is pretty and everything but in the distance the environment has some big issues. I Think a way to keep things pretty from a distance is to have a sort of "Fog" instead of trying to render everything. Also Water is beautiful but has some glitches that are .

    Would it be a complicated issue to make a tired character walk instead of fully stop? Its such a sore to have to completely stop and sit. Runescape does this.

    Just gonna go ahead and voice my concerns for jumps. They are really glitchy (Water, jumping over a hole) And even just the animation has a very lengthy ending where you cant do anything for a few seconds (I can start walking/running right after i hit the floor typically in real life)

    That's it Thanks for working hard we love you!

    EDIT: Oooh ooh! And also can we please get functions to click on the screen to rotate camera (With left mouse button) and also when zooming in all the way have it go into first person mode automatically instead of having to press home

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    will there be circular arch recipes? also will we be able to place items in more than 2 fixed positions? currently we can only place walls facing east(3) to west(9) and north(12) to south(6). it would be nice if we could place them in more than those positions (1 oclock, 7 oclock etc)

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