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Thread: Hi new player..

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    Hi new player..

    Hi am new player, although account old, i thought id log n see the progress that has been made ingame..
    (am resubbing any sec)

    A couple questions i have are :

    Is there a toon limit?
    What do you think is the best way to start off as a nomad? Id like to mooch about n maybe find somewhere to setup..
    Which then brings me to the question of a map to xyson?

    Jus before i go try selling this game to ma mates again..
    Are things like boats, buildings implemented yet? or is it possible for a list of working features?

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    Toon limit to 1 per account, no map in game but you can get one from the wiki or the forums.

    No boats but many types of buildings and even new players can make something nice.

    Solo life is harder then being in a tribe, but can be done if you have friends.

    If you need anything at all Please whisper me in game /w laughingoak then hit the spacebar.

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    Thanx alot for your reply.. And as much as i appreciate that lol i have to ask... Where is the best starting area for a good solo start.. (ie resources + ppl - sorts)? *Give it couple hours and ull see me on looking for tribe lol*

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    well there are a few populated areas... try Sugarpine area and chat in general .. helpful folks around there and one of the most active regions

    To chat in general hit enter to open the chat then type /s and hit spacebar... you can whisper folks much the same way only use /w.

    Global is /y.

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