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    GERMANIA recruiting

    Hello XSYONians.

    The german tribe GERMANIA is looking for new members. You just like XSYON ? You like to do special things and others not ? No Problem.
    Come to our area to have a first look, talk to MenionLeah ingame and decide after a small talk if GERMANIA is the right choice for you.

    Actually we are searching especially for bonecrafter, weaponcrafter, woodworker and minimum one who likes basketry.

    Type "/w MenionLeah hello" to cantact Menion. He is nearly every day online in the eveninghours in germany.

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    Stil active and growing

    German players feel welcome.

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    You wont believe, but i am still here

    Since not every day someone of us is ingame, you can also contact us on

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    INFO: 3 New Member to Clan "A Better Tomorrow" city "GERMANIA" invited

    Greetings Whorlok
    (multigamingclanleader ABT)

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    We welcome Azoth as a new player in GERMANIA. Have fun with us

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    Thodis, derMOE and SiaLian joined us for helping us building up the tribe.

    If you are new to XSYON and are looking for a german community with TS3 and and own forum, start at Round Hill with your char and come to our tribe area in zone 700. We welcome all players that want to be part of our project.
    Or visit and register.

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    We welcome back some of our older players that just resubbed
    Much more fun to to something with friends.
    But still we offer new players to join us and learn the secrets of XSYON. The past shows that many players who start on their own, dont play for long. Cause its boring. Don´t be bored....join us

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    We are recruiting! Info:

    hi...vieles hat sich bei unserem Clan verändert!
    TS,Raidplaner,viele neue MMO
    Es sind viele neue Member dazu gekommen.
    Schau doch mal wieder vorbei bei unserem VOLLSANDBOX-MMO "XSYON" oder unseren weiteren MMO!
    Meld dich kurz im jeweiligen MMO und sag ein kurzes HALLO...

    Falls Du kein Interesse mehr an A Better Tomorrow hast dann sag uns kurz Bescheid damit wir dich aus der datenbank rausnehmen können!

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    A Better Tomorrow is recruiting.
    Sinc last week 9 new Player have joint our Tribe.We have
    The next round of Features Bow with Arrows ... ,2 hand sworts and tweaks to Combat/PVP brings alot for our waiting player then our Clan growes more and more

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    Wir sind immernoch aktiv und auf der Suche nach neuen Spielern, die Ausdauer haben und einfach Spass an Sandbox Spielen. Bei der Charerstellung als Startgebiet einfach Little Itlay anwählen und nach Süden laufen, bis ihr in die Zone 700 kommt.
    Dort bei den Koordinaten 800,800 ca. findet ihr unser großes Gebiet.
    Anmelden könnt ihr euch auch bei uns im Forum unter
    Ingame könnt Ihr Whorlok, MenionLeah oder LiaSun ansprechen. Von den dreien ist zu fast jeder Zeit einer on.

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