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    Cool Raven Moon Tribe

    Raven Moon

    Raven Moon is a remote aerie nestled deep in the Desolation mountains overlooking the Rubicon River. We are mature gamers looking for like minded others to join us in the construction and continued development of the first tree house city in Xsyon. Whether a craftsman or a warrior you will find a good home and a friendly community in Raven Moon. We have been here for a year and are very established so you know we are not going anywhere. We can provide as much or as little assistance as you desire. We are of Good alignment however defense of our mountain home as well as retribution due our enemies is encouraged. Whether you're just looking for a place to hang your hat in between adventures, or a community to be a part of you are welcome in Raven Moon. Come and build a tree house with us!

    **You can choose Raven Moon as your starting location during character creation**

    Contact Willowhawk or Riverspirit in game for an invite.
    Select Raven Moon as your start point at character creation.

    You can also click on the banner to sign up on our guild forum.
    Our Ventrillo chat info is on our forum and on the Tribe Totem.

    May the Moon always light your path”
    Traditional Raven Greeting.
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    Map to Raven Moon

    Map from Tallac to Raven Moon
    In Zone 696 Coordinates 450|950
    12 to 15 minute travel time.

    Travel time to Raven Moon is 15 minute or less if you start from Tallac and go southwest to Tallac Mountian then from there follow the ridge line due west all the way to 696 then across the Rubicon river and up the cliffs to Raven Moon. The cliff is steep so you will need to follow the cliff around to the right to get up to the top.

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    New Project - Crafters and Builders wanted.

    We have started construction on the Raven Moon Aerie. This will be a 45 meter long 3+ story complex built on the top of the cliff overlooking the Rubicon river. We are almost done with the initial foundation in preparation to start the top floor. If you would like to be a part of this project, or would just like to be a part of Raven Moon, contact me or Riverspirit for an invite.

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    Nice! Can't wait to see it when its finished. If you need any materials feel free to let the Wolverines know! I'll be sure to stop by and do a news story in the New Vegas Brief when I get the chance.

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    I scouted your camp the other day. Simply incredible, really looks like a forest dwelling tribe hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanargu View Post
    I scouted your camp the other day. Simply incredible, really looks like a forest dwelling tribe hehe
    We are the tree people!! Thanks for the kind words ryanargu! Willow has done extremely creative things. I love our little village. And yes, Willow is remodeling... again...

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    Nice Safe area for the Beginner Player

    We've been seeing some frustration with new players trying to navigate the new Revenants so we wanted to offer our Tribe as a safe place to get started in Xsyon. We are very remote in the mountains far from all the totem clutter with very few camps in the entire zone. This means no Revenants to worry about while out and about working your trades etc. We have 7 active players currently from EU, US and New Zealand so we cover almost all playing times. You can set your starting city to Raven Moon or we can come meet you for an invite to get you into our Tribe. Send me a PM on the forum, or whisper Willowhawk or Riverspirit in game for an invite.

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    The Raven Moon Arie is Completed!

    After several months of construction the Raven Moon Lodge is completed and ready for visitors. The Lodge is a 60 meter (200ft) long 5 story complex with two large suites and a large shared deck on the top floor. The 2nd and main floor is the crafting center with storage canopies and carts, a large community fireplace and three apartments. The 3rd floor has a large indoor combat arena, an animal cage with both interior and exterior gates for loading critters into the arena, plus another large apartment. The 4th floor is the welcome center for new guests and a guest suite. The 5th and underbelly of the lodge is the dungeon complete with plumbing, three jail cells and a surprise for would be intruders

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RavenMoonLodge_zpsfdbf266b.png 
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ID:	116 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RavenMoonLodgeTopFloorDeck_zpsfa486a39.png 
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Name:	Collage2_zps64a57ed1.png 
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Name:	Collage1_zpsd181f25a.png 
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ID:	119 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RavenMoonHousingArea_zps06f7e229.png 
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Size:	624.2 KB 
ID:	120

    As always we welcome new tribe members to help build our growing community. We have several construction projects currently in the works, and when we are ready we will be building the Castle Raven Moon. Whether a craftsman or builder, a hunter or a simple fisherman we encourage you to come join our tribe and enjoy the peace and solitude of our mountain city. We have plenty of available housing as well as apartments in the lodge.

    Come build the city of Raven Moon with us on the cliffs of the Rubicon River.

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    Hello! I just bought the game and I'm really impressed by this city. I hope to be able to come in and take a look tonight. Hopefully I can get to meet some of you and learn the game while doing so.

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    New Trial Players

    We would like to extend an invite to the new people trying out Xsyon for their first time. If you are still on the ropes about Xsyon, we would be happy to join you on the trial server and invite you to Raven Moon so that you might get a better feel for the tribe mechanics and what we do as a tribe. The trail server will get wiped when the server is reset each week, but you will have the freedom to play around in tribe all you like during that time period.

    Most of our tribe members will be on the live server so you will have the run of the place. We will even give you access to things you wouldn't normally have access to without a senior position in tribe

    If interested please contact myself or RiverSpirit through the forum message system and we will arrange for a time to meet you in the City of Raven Moon on the trial server.

    P.S. I will be going out of town tomorrow and back on the 24th. However feel free to contact me or Riverspirit with any questions, or contact Riverspirit for an invite on trial or live. Hope to see you in game.

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