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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaddre View Post
    Found you!

    I am a returning citizen to Xsyon, looking for a tribe. I've walked all the way to your tribe. None of you where online, and the village seemed desolate.

    I am called Ithildae in-game, hoping to join your tribe soon.
    Welcome back Ithildae! Sadly I am at work for another few hours. We do have about 15 active players currently but everyone is pretty busy in RL with the Holidays. We have a couple active EU players Torak and chrayrnal who maybe on around this time, and the rest are US and Aussies. So if you hang out a bit someone is bound to show up

    If you like you can sign up on our forum There is lots of info on tribe events, Ventrillo, housing lots etc.

    See you in game.

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    I am a new player , are you still recruiting? I am interested in interviewing with your tribe.
    Reguards Kurt.

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    Hi Kurt, welcome to Xsyon. If you are interested in Raven Moon, we ask that you sign up on our forum Once you are approved on forum, you need to read the "Getting Started in Raven Moon" thread. If you would like to post some information about yourself, then our tribe can have a better idea of who you are, or you can just talk to us in game. You can contact Willowhawk or Riverspirit in game. You can also spawn at our tribe if you want to re-roll. If you do, you can check in Local chat to see if one of the tribe elders is available. You can hang out at tribe to be safe if nobody is on. Willowhawk and I are on most evenings. We are mountain time zone, but we have tribe members in many time zones. Thanks!

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    Hi Riverspirit,
    I just signed up on the home page , and waiting for approval.
    Talk to you in game .
    Reguards Kurt

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    hey! I'm pretty new to xsyon but I'm starting to get a feel for it
    I have spent a few hours running around and looking for a place to make a home but then I figured out I couldn't make a 1 person tribe
    I've been thinking and I might join this one, it seems awesome!!

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    Hi Jesus, Welcome to Xsyon.

    You will need to first apply at our website Once approved please read the "Getting started in Raven Moon" You can then either spawn at Raven Moon with a new rolled character, or you will need to make your way to Raven Moon Tribe for an invite. You can pm me here or whisper Riverspirit or myself in game if you have any questions.

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    Holy Ghost! Jesus is playing Xsyon! This sounds like a spectacular promotional opportunity. Someone act fast... :P

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    Are the coords to the tribe right? I just spent a while trying to get there and died at the edge of the map

    I checked a different map, I guess they are. I'll try again, wish me luck!

    *Discriminate against someone because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, lifestyle or culture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesus_Christ View Post
    *Discriminate against someone because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, lifestyle or culture.
    What is that suppose to mean? I for one am not religious but I respect everyones choices in life and never discriminate. So far both your forum name and in game name are both controversial enough to cause some offense to some people. This is not what Raven Moon is about, so I am going to deline your membership.

    Good luck

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    well my forum name is supposed to be changed. I don't really see how my IGN could be offensive but I reread the rules and it could be "sexually explicit" depending on how you percieve it.

    I guess I could change the names but I don't like bothering the guides
    Thanks anyway, if I get my names changed I'll maybe try joining

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