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    Hey! I'm really interested in joining. My experience in xsyon is limited but ever expanding! I love making and doing things on my own and helping out other people. I'm looking for a place to survive, thrive, and learn. My IGN is Booby_The_Bird, thanks for even reading this !

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    Oldest active tribe in Xsyon

    That's right, Raven Moon is still active after a year and a half since we first dropped our totem in the Desolation Mountain region of Xsyon. We will celebrate two years of Xsyon this coming May! \o/

    However people come and people go and so we are once again looking for dedicated people to keep Raven Moon a bustling community of Builders, Craftsmen, Hunters and (Coming Soon) Farmers!

    We currently have 13+ Homestead/Builds in tribe, with 8 homestead building lots available and more to come with tribe expansion. We have Tree houses, a Tavern, Raven Monuments and even a two stall outhouse. We also provide temporary tent housing/storage for new players and some apartments are available in the Raven Moon Lodge.

    Our goal is to have 26 distinctly different homestead/builds within the City of Raven Moon with the Castle Raven Moon on the top of the mountain being our crowning achievement and the diplomatic center for the South West mountain region.

    If interested in becoming a part of the Raven Moon community please sign up on our forum
    Then please read the thread "Simple Rules to Preserving our Rare Resources"

    Paid subscribers interested in building their own home can read "Building a Home in Raven Moon" for more information.

    You can also choose Raven Moon as your starting point during character creation. You will spawn in just north of the City. Hit M for mini map and look for the shoe shaped white blotch (scrap pile) to the south. That is the city center.

    Thanks in advanced and I look forward to hearing from you,

    You can get in game invites from;

    Willowhawk, Riverspirit, Shikolti, Lim, Woo, YellowFox, Mahkisis, Elric, Torak and Sorinfayte.

    Our weekly hunt is Saturday Nights (Tonight) from about 9pm Central until we drop from sleep deprivation
    Come join the hunt!
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    I joined Raven Moon a few weeks ago, and it has turned out to be the best choice I've made thus far in Xsyon. RM has a great group of players who have been playing Xsyon for years, and they are more than willing to help out new players.

    Highly recommended!

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    Bump for one of the best tribes in Xsyon. Not that I'm biased or anything...

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    Did we mention the Tribe hunts on Saturday nights? Loads of fun and open to all.

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    Raven Moon Tree House Resort Project

    New Project starting soon!

    We have laid out a basic plan for the next Raven Moon project "The Raven Moon Tree House Resort" and would like to extend an invite to knew players to participate in this project and learn the ropes from some of the most experienced Architects in Xsyon.

    Players with Citizen accounts can also earn a building plot in Raven Moon to build their very own Home within the City housing areas. There are currently 7 lots still available, average size is 16x24 meters with more lots yet to come. You can cut your teeth on this project while gaining the skills and tools you need to build your own home.

    This project will be approximately 30x90 meters with an Observation Deck 32 Meters high overlooking the Rubicon River in the canyon below. To join Raven Moon please sign up on our forum at Then choose Raven Moon as your starting location during character creation.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ewoks, especially welcome. :P
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    Current Projects for Raven Moon

    We currently have many projects going in Raven Moon, as well as several unfinished projects in town that need to be finished or cleared out. If anyone is looking for something to do I will list some of them here.

    Many home lots available in Raven Moon. For more information read "Building a Home in Raven Moon"

    1) Abandoned Lot 15. He did a nice job making a bar but he dismantled most of his buildings around it. It wouldn't take much to tear those down and put up some simple building just to give it a finished look. Of course if someone wants to completely rebuild the lot for their own home that would work too

    2) Abandoned Lot 13. He was going to build a tree house (which I am all for) and most of the dirt is raised. It still needs to be widened a bit but it's pretty close. If anyone wants to continue on that project, I think it would be great to have a tree house dweller on the far side of the river.

    3) Of course the Raven Moon Tree House Resort still needs a ton of dirt built up before we can actually build, but this is a long term community project. All are welcome to participate.

    4) I would like to add some Barricades down around the Raven Moon Park area with Western Gates etc to offer some protection to the housing community below town since we are starting to see more critters in the area. To do this will require a ton of branches which will be very difficult since gathering them is a big job, and hauling them is another. We have TONS of over growth trees on the east side of the river going north so we should be able to pull branches from those (preferably without making dirt holes) then cut the trees down to clear some of the viewing area. Which leads to the next project; Large Resource item storage.

    5) As we landscape the area across the river we can save the branches and logs for future building. I am currently looking for an appropriate location for a storage facility for large gathered items like logs, branches and grass. Then when we gather and cut, we will have a central location for the storage. So a next project will be the storage facility.

    6) The Castle Raven Moon (long term project). We have not expanded the tribe quite enough (close) to build the castle however there is enough room out back to get the terraforming started. The ground needs to be raise up to level out back and since the area is a hill, the part nearest tribe is the low side that needs to be raised. We can do a lot of terraforming there before we run out of real estate and by then we should be able to complete it.

    7) Change out the Bamati Taba posts around the front and north side of the Raven Moon Lodge and under Shikoltis grass temple to Mason 2x2x4 Platforms to match the front of the Lodge and to carry that theme around the north side so it looks more uniform and possibly make it a walkable wall.

    8) Road building. I am currently building the roads going in and out of town and plan to extend the north road (East side of the river) all the way to 776. From there I hope to be able to tie the road into the road that comes out of Anazasi tribe that leads to Lake Tahoe. This will be a huge project but in the long run will give us a tie to the lake communities, make much faster travel to the lake for trade etc, as well as the north and even for the swim to the East shore.

    That's it for now, anyone interested message me with what you want to do, or get with me in vent for more specific details.

    To join Raven Moon please read "Preserving our Rare Resource" section under "getting started in Raven Moon" then message me here, Or whisper me, Riverspirit, Shikolti, Yellowfox, Torak or Uila in game for an invite.

    You can choose Raven Moon as a starting location upon Character creation then follow the road south up the hill to town.
    See You in Xsyon

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    All Roads Lead to Raven Moon

    Well maybe not all roads but we now have over 5 Kilometers of Paved log lined roads for your traveling comfort. Whether a Trader, Hunter or Explorer, Raven Moon Roads and Forestry Services welcomes all Travelers.

    We also encourage other Villages and Homesteads to tie into our roads so that we may together build good working trade routes around Xsyon for the benefit of all.

    As always our gates are open to the public so come on out for a visit via the new Eagle Pass Road or the Rubicon River Road.

    From all of us at Raven Moon, Safe travels, and we'll leave the light on. o/

    Click image for larger version. 

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    *Travel advisory; Use caution when traveling these roads as there have been reports of bandits camping along the way in waiting for unsuspecting travelers.

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    I explored your city and its surrounding on the PVE server and it was awesome.
    Congratulations for your amazing work, it was very pleasant to travel and discover it. I'm speechless
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