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    Thanks Ledjlale, You are welcome there any time.

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    Ho yes. It will be my favourite destination.... I'm thinking of placing my tent near to you ^^
    Don't hesitate to ask help, I'll be happy to give a hand (I know you're playing on MTS and me on UTC+1 but seeing your post in the forum, there are still chances to meet each other )

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    Mountain Living with the Comfort and Convenience of a City. PVE

    Raven Moon offers tribe members as well as non members a place to work, play, build, craft, hunt, fish and generally survive in the safety of the Raven Moon city walls, an area of the world that would otherwise be too inhospitable for most new adventurers. From Free Teepee living for tribe members, to Exclusive estates, we are a city on the edge of the world. All travelers are welcome in the City of Raven Moon.

    Some amenities we currently offer are:

    • 6 Kilometers of Player made paved roads for fast easy travel and access to other strategic resources locations.
    • We are an optional Starting Zone for New Players.
    • Experienced Veteran Players that can help you achieve your short and long term goals.
    • On tribe River and Fishing Ponds with Public Storage Canopy.
    • On tribe scavenging yard with Public Sorting Canopies throughout.
    • Secondary Scavenging Pile (Extreme/Rare) Just outside of Tribe on the green zone.
    • Well Stocked Community Kitchen and Pantry (Ready to get cooking).
    • Centrally Located Trade center.
    • Community Gardens with Available Seed Stocks, Farmer ready.
    • Community Crafting Center. *(Access to some materials restricted to new players to avoid thefts) Trust is earned.
    • Tribal Hunting Grounds.
    • Combat Arena (Future Use PVP/Duel)
    • Discount prices for tribe members.
    • Nearly 60 Available Home Options.

    We also offer a community Vent Server with multiple chat rooms for individual groups. All are welcome to use.
    Vent address is: Port=5398

    It has taken over 3 years to build our city and our dream is nearly complete. This does not mean we are done. Not by any stretch. We still have many community projects for those interested. The largest will be the Castle Raven Moon sitting on the highest point overlooking the City of Raven Moon. As well we have many vacant home lots ready to build. (Must have Architecture skills and Tribe Approval before building).

    You can choose Raven Moon as your starting point upon character creation.

    Here is a road map to Raven Moon. If traveling here, the best route is coming from Talac on Eagle Pass Road.

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    Raven Moon on The Peace Server

    The Last Outpost

    Raven Moon is once again looking for tough men and women who desire the beauty and serenity of mountain living, while enjoying the safety and comfort of a thriving city.

    Nestled in the furthest south west reaches of the Tahoe basin, we are the last bastion of civilization for weary travelers, hunters and homesteaders. Complete with rivers, fishing ponds, gardens for farming, kitchens, trade centers, a crafting room, scrap yard and more all within the safety of the tribe walls. We are in an extreme danger zone so while there is an inherent added danger, the rewards for scrappers and hunters make it all worth while.

    We also have a vast amount of tents, apartments and condos free to tribe members, (Fee for non tribe members) and even some pre-built homes for rent for those who prefer to pursue other trades. If you do desire to build and have enough architecture experience to construct your own home, we have plenty of available lots for you to choose from.

    Kind Regards,


    Come to live or come just to play, our doors are always open.

    Road map to Raven Moon.

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    Raven Moon Needs People

    Raven Moon
    is one of the most remote bastions of civilization buried deep in the south west corner of the Lake Tahoe basin. Sitting on the top of Crystal Mountain, we are a city of mountaineers and Hunters, builders and craftsmen, statesmen and rogues. Yet our numbers have dwindled over the years in part do to the inherent challenges that go along with living in such dangerous territory.

    "Oh but for the glory go I" as we continue on and build upon the bones of the fallen. R.I.P.

    So why would anyone choose to live so far from the safety and comforts of the lake front communities? One might say the challenge itself is enough for any Noble adventurer, however most of us know the real truth.... It's the Bigger Shadow Deer, and meaner Plateback Bears, the nastier Hunchback Coyotes, and of course the Ultra Rare Loot! That's right, these extreme danger zones produce the most riches one can find. That is if you have what it takes to slay the most dangerous beasts of Xsyon, or have the tenacity and will to evade them and live yet another day.

    So, do you have what it takes to live the life of a true adventurer? To earn the rank of Crow, Raven or even Raven Elder?

    Well, there is one way to find out.

    Come join one of the oldest and most established tribes in Xsyon and help us bring back the Raven Moon that conquered the most extreme wilds of Xsyon!

    You can choose Raven Moon as your start location upon Character creation, or in game ask for Willowhawk or Yellowfox during U.S. hours, and Torak or Kataya for EU times.

    Raven Moon in Xsyon was Established in 2011
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    Xsyon players old and new, are welcome to join the RavenMoon Discord Server, a public channel for general Xsyon chat (peace and war servers) as well as a way to get in touch with RavenMoon tribe. Pop in and say hi at

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