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    Death penalties and intensified hunger/thirst

    If you guys could try and add these in with the next patch, that would be great. In the weekly questions Jordi said they are working on a lot of little things like this.

    Also, hunger/thirst should be more than just increasing stamina use and fail chance of actions.

    It should increase rate of skill decay. If you are hungry or thirsty, you decay 50% faster. If both, twice as fast.

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    I would like to see this in game also, but its not priority. Lets see what happens next patch.

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    I know, but seriously adding those two things is cake. They could easily get them in with next patch, unless they are literally not done with everything else until a few hours before they patch. Because it would only take about that long to code. It's a huge priority like skill decay. Carts can't go in before death penalties are added, that would defeat most of the purpose. Takes them a month to create a cart unfortunately so they should have done the easy shit first.

    These should have been in a long time ago to be honest. Make it more realistic though. Yes, hunger/thirst make you less efficient in real life. But it doesn't do only that, like in Xsyon. It kills you if you don't do it. In Xsyon it doesn't.

    They need to add more survival to the game and quick. Sure, it can be tedious to have to drink/eat, but it would be that way in real life too, if food didn't have any taste and was just something we had to do to stay alive.

    Skill decay
    Death penalties
    Hunger/Thirst/Comfort very important for survival, skills/stats decay and efficiency

    = priority

    The sooner they add basic but high necessity stuff like this instead of working on carts for a month (carts are still important, but not as important. but really, a month? get some volunteer animators and model artists if you can't afford to pay them) the sooner people will see this game in a better light.

    Oh well... if the game doesn't take off soon another will take it's place (ones with more tools and sand). This isn't the only sandbox terraforming world building ffa pvp game in development, not even close actually. There's a good handful of them, the others have siege warfare and no player safe zones, just a few npc towns which aren't safe zones but have high penalty for attacking. More and more developers are realizing players are raising the bar for what they expect out of MMOs. Seriously, who but a 13 year old can stand a theme park these days? Might as well play a singe player RPG game, there is basically zero MMO in themeparks. That's what developers and players are realizing. That a sandbox game is a real MMO, and themepark games are just multiplayer campaign-style RPGs.

    Added after 6 minutes:

    Ok ok... but the patch immediately after if you can't get in by next week!

    These are VERY necessary for carts to have more value as well!

    The xsyon in development looks nice. Thanks for letting us know what is done and what is up next and such

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    but wait.. dont put death penalty on till we have carts....and that we can pull them!!

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    There is a chicken/egg problem in implementing these "hardships" before the content, though. With everyone clamoring for more content (whatever their own definition of that is) is it okay to add more tedium without adding anything new to do? All you would be doing is making it more of a chore to be logged in without anything new to gain.

    Yes, hunger/thirst, comfort, and death penalties are needed but I don't think they can just be added in a vacuum. They are part of a larger system that won't work well in a half-ass finished state.

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