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    New player looking for tribe

    I'm a new player looking for a new tribe or a tribe that has just started, I want to grow with them not just leech off of what they have already did
    Hopefully people that now how to have fun but when the times come they can put on a serious face. No one under 17please.
    I love crafting in almost all games so that is probably what I will be doing.

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    Welcome to the game, And hope you find the tribe your looking for.

    If you can't find a new tribe to start with, Check out the tribal recruiting page for some great tribes.

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    Welcome to the game. Great to have you. DO you know what zone you will be starting in? and do you mind pking? some tribes do some dont. look under active tribes to get an idea on what you are looking for.

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    If you want to help GERMANIA in completing its huge building project, feel invited. We have lots of work to do, so you still can gain skill in different areas without just grinding, but doing something useful.
    Whisper MenionLeah or Whorlok ingame.

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    Raven Moon are looking for ppl, were far south tho at zone 696 - seated nicely amongst an abundance of resources. Throw me a whisper/pm if your interested.

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