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    New player looking for a tribe.

    Hello my name is Lolhazard, I recently bought the game and am now looking for a tribe to help me start. I am willing to join any type of tribe (good,neutral or bad).
    I am a friendly person and always help my fellow people any way I can.

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    Welcome to Xsyon hope you enjoy
    Come check out Xsyon Mercenariescheck out our ad
    We cover a variety of timezones whisper ingame China, andrew, krimara, luthais and others, or check out our site.

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    If you want to be part of GERMANIA, just whisper MenionLeah or Whorlok ingame for more questions...and answers

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    Hi lolhazard, looks like you have many option for a tribe I will add our to this list as well. We just opened up our tribe to the next level and need more players to help build the new area. If you want to get in a small but established tribe that has a ton of room to grow we may fit that bill. Good luck in game!

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    Hey Lolhazard
    Im Liquidblade leader of Legion we are in the incline zone 1020, come check us out if you are up that way. /w Liquidblade, keea, Dave if you want an invite.

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