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    Questions for the week 8/22 through 8/28

    Please post your questions to the Developers below.

    Thank you.

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    1- was wondering, will we ever be able to run just using the mouse? or are we stuff pressing the w keys? at least out combat would be nice to have.
    2- do you have an idea when we will be able to contest abandoned totems?
    3- floor tiles, when we terraform we have a square area the size is aprox 2sq feet, are we going to have floor tiles for this size?
    4- Combat takes way to long....even with anything being done about this?
    5- Any possability in adding a color when placing in red=item can't be placed there green=that item can be placed there that same spot.

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    Any possibility that you can make it possible to build stuff on floors? Would add alot more flexibility to an already very nice system : )

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    Seeing that you release patches on any given day (when they are ready), why do you have wednesday as patch day?
    - Wouldn't it make more sense to have any given daily maintenance day as a possible patch day instead?

    I favor patch days that are done when the patch is ready instead of waiting for a specific day, which is why I'm asking :P.

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