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    New...and frustrated

    Ok, first let me say hi and I'm really looking forward to playing this game. I fell in lve with the original SWG for the crafting and diversity and this seems about the closest thing around. I'm way burned out on WoW after playing since launch.

    Anyways, my problem is I can't get the damn game installed!!!!

    I download the client and it creates a folder in my program files called 7-Zip. There are several files in the folder but NONE of them do anything remotely close to installing the game. The game manual just says to download and unzip the file then click set up. There is no set up file in the 7-Zip folder and far as I can tell, there is no other file or folder created.

    Please help. This is driving me to suicide.

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    I wouldnt kill yourself.
    Email support. You should get an answer in a day or 2.

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    I got it.

    Bad day made me not think about what I was doing. Thanks for the advice.

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    glad to hear it and welcome to the game..whats gona be your ingame name?

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    Xsyon Citizen VeryWiiTee's Avatar
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    Hello and welcome to Xsyon .

    If you have questions you are more than welcome to ask around .

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    lol..hey Liquid. It's Wiinter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFHinLA View Post
    lol..hey Liquid. It's Wiinter.

    hey...where you go? lol got tired of Lving?

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    Naw, I DC'd and with the 5 minute login time I just packed it in. I only had about 15 minutes left to play anyway. I'll be back leveling (my toon and the ground) tonight for a bit. I don't normally just bail without a "cya" or something.

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