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    New Trade Thread

    I am currently living in the North-west region (937) and need tools, dont care what quality at the minute, just come along and trade me, im quite new so dont have much but ill list here what i need and have for trade.

    need --------------------------------have

    Shovel ----------------------------hammers
    pick --------------------------------chisels
    Trowel ---------------------------pestle and mortars
    Fishing rod------------------------ screwdriver
    saw ------------------------------- planers
    ---------------------------- drills
    etc..... ---------------------------- etc.....

    pm me in game (yanik) we can come to some agreement.

    much obliged
    Keep the Faith

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    Hello Yanik
    Have you asked in game? usually everyone is really helpful. if you cant find any pm Unclean, Dang, Keea, Dave or my Self. We can help you out. Have you considered joining a tribe?


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    Hey Liquid, yeah I'm sorted for most stuff now thanks,but also posted for noobs like me who can maybe maybe make something i aint got and vice versa.

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    cool..enjoy...see ya in game.

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