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    Cool Glug <-- (me)

    Figured I should post in here, being that the community is pretty small and everyone seems to know each other. I just picked up the game yesterday, and am figuring things out. It's interesting, and the people are friendly, so that's a good start. I already had some folks from Xsyon Mercs hook me up with the most important thing (storage space) and a bunch of tools, and I took the horrendously slow trek to Pawneeville to see what they were building.

    I'm told there are giant bears somewhere that ate all of the other fauna, which makes me feel like tagging Hunting as a skill was a bad move, but I'm hoping I just need to venture out somewhere else in reasonable distance to find some animals to disassemble.

    Anyway.. Howdy.
    I'm Glug, I like crafting things, and I'm somewhere in the NW area of the big ol' lake, roughly about Pawnee-ville.

    edit: Also, I really think I should reroll, as I have no basket recipes and it seems that that is designed to be impossible to get later, and Hunting as a tagged skill is wasteful when there are few animals, currently mostly stuck in terrain. Also, hiding from nobody is not really important. I assume I can find a secluded area to drop all of my stuff in 'public' containers, delete, reroll, and pick them up? Or do I need to use the buddy system?

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    Permission on bags

    You can hide a basket somewhere with stuff in it, but I think it will have to be set to public permission (not sure, but I don't think "Private" is tied to your account, but to that character name). Someone please correct me if that is wrong. If you don't have Permission on a bag you can trade it to someone else, then trade it back to you again and it will then belongs to you with permissions. If you pick one up off the ground, you won't have permission either, but can do the trade thing to get permission.

    Re-Roll question? I guess it's up to you and what you plan to do. Animals were everywhere but they keep patching and adjusting so it changes. I'm guessing it won't be long before they have that working well.

    You can master any craft in the game, but you start with 25 and more recipes with your main choice. If you plan to be mostly a craft person, the main thing you will need of course is tools. So unless you plan to join a tribe I would consider tools as a main because without them you will be doing a lot of trading. Again you can level it up on your own, it will just take a bit longer.

    You can always trade for containers, however if you choose to roll again for Baskets, make sure your character starts with a container recipe. If not then you need to re-roll because you wont get one otherwise.

    Good luck!!

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    welcome to the game Glug

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    Welcome to the game Glug

    As far as I know, Your right Willowhawk.

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    Basket recipes are supposed to be coming into the game at some point. Jordi has already claimed that he is the one that's suppose to fix it. Maybe he just needs to be reminded, or he's waiting for other things to be finished.

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    The latest news on basket recipes be scavengable was that he was working on it (it is in some of the more new weekly answers .).

    Anywho, welcome to Xsyon. If you have questions you're welcome to ask me here or in-game .

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