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    Concerning Absence from the "In Developement" Thrd

    See thread here:

    Absent from this list is anything about the quest system. It is concerning that this is not even on the developers radar.

    I realize that there is much else to do, but for a game with ZERO content other than user created content, this is troubling.

    There is plenty for a new player to do for a couple/few months in getting set up, gathering their resources & basically establishing themselves. Even with new patches introducing recipies, skills, mutant animals and revenants - THERE IS STILL NO CONTENT. Once a new player comes into game, they quickly realize this and head for the hills (unless they are just into making cool looking campsites & helping others). There is nothing to keep them. If we want to see new people come and stay, we need a tool to do this.

    The tool we (the players) have for creating this content is poor at best.

    I have some ideas in regard to this, but will wait to throw anything out there (to see what sticks) until I see that quests & player driven content have popped up on the developers radar.

    PLEASE NOTE - I AM NOT bitching. We (my tribe) have plenty to do for a while between building, organizing & what-not. I'm very happy with what the developers are doing and the communication they have with the players.

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    Agreed Dave, you are right, there is nothing mention about this. Anyone have ideas on what can be done to improve the quest system?

    I will be putting down ideas at later post, its family day after all!!

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    I find these critical
    First of the ability for creating multiple quests at once
    The ability to require several components needed to complete the quest.
    The ability to give experience as a reward.
    The ability to give experience only as a reward.
    Remove the need for specific quest items unless player specified. Let players create quests that asks for more general items. Such as Long Log, Small Log, Small Bones, Nails etc.

    This is just extra goodies.
    Every totem shows the quests for every other tribe within 1km. These can be filtered in: Tribe Name, Quest Type, Timeframe, Quest Giver. (This might be a bit expanded.. but anyway .)

    Specific Quests: These would be very relevant to add. And hold off tribe quests such as patrol/guard.
    Kill XX. Animals/Mutants/Players.
    Deliver XX to Tribe/Person in exchange for XX brought back. (These could be the very first delivery system.)

    The above alone would make quite a quest system compared to what you're used to in a theme park (it is basically the same except we get the chance to do it ourselves). Though the experience reward would have to be carefully introduced and preferably low to begin with. It can be buffed if needed.

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    visit the test server, youll find alot of that list is about to be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatboy21007 View Post
    visit the test server, youll find alot of that list is about to be done.
    as in quest? I dont see anything in test server that has system there looks the same.

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    no quest system hasnt been changed but alot of other stuff has.

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    oh yea..i cant wait till we get that content...our concern is finding a way to let tribe know what to do and to reward them for doing it.

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