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    Questions for the week 8/29 through 9/04

    Please post your questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    What are your plans to remove these unused totems?

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    When will we see animals back in the game? ( haven't seen ANY in an 2 weeks )

    When will we see some form of ongoing and repeatable fun things to do like mutants, roaming giant bears or Zombies?

    Can you explain how tree sprouting works? It looks to work well in the wilds but so far in our tribal area we have has 1 ( one ) tree sprout and it was right beside another tree. I was of the understanding that they can sprout as far away as 500 meters from the source tree.. but that does not seem to be the case. Is there restrictions placed on sprouting trees on tribal lands?

    Is is ever going to be possible to have the chat box have an opaque background?

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    Maybe i was a bit vague in my last question. I was wondering if we will have the possibility to place walls, posts and other structures on top of floors to add to the variety?

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    Forgot to add...

    Some housing parts will slide UNDER suspended floor and roof pieces like the mason heavy gate. To build multi-story structures, can you modify it so that wall sections can be directly on top of other wall sections, or does that conflict with collision detection?

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    Does the "display resolution size MISMATCH" popup serve any purpose? Can it be removed? Windowed mode is more stable when you alt tab frequently. This window seldom has focus and is a huge pain.

    Why is the icon for small sheets large than the one for medium sheets?

    Can you please fix the bin labeling permissions bug before putting in object decay. Moving bins that can't be labeled/relabeled is twice the pain.

    If we can't have more frequent, but smaller updates (my preferred situation), can the server be reset at least once a week to fix animal spawn problems?

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    Currently when playing in third person, when we go inside buildings we see the top of the roof or outside of walls etc. Is there plans to allow the camera to recognize that there objects and zoom in according to the roof height etc? Like when I enter a roofed building..instead of viewing the top of the building the camera zooms in close and I'm still able to see my self.

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    1. What is the status with borderless windowed mode?
    2. The current windowed mode is not centered properly. Would it be possible to center it correctly?
    3. Why are the icons, bars, gauges etc tooltips/lighten up when hovered over offset? Gauges are an example. Energy's tooltip doesn't show 'till you hover over Adrenaline, Health's tooltip doesn't show 'till you hover over Faith. Same with the otherside. It is like that with most in-game that has tooltip/lightens up/clickable.
    - Not items tooltip.
    4. Tools doesn't seem add durability/quality. I think Unclean will say the same.
    - Does the quality/durability of a given tool (whether it be quality/durability adding) matter how much it adds to quality/durability or is this just it's own quality/durability?
    5. Are you guys far away from a the ability to resize your UI as you see fit. Eg. chat, but also windows and bars? A simple slider for the scale to begin with would be perfect. It would control all of the UI. Going from scale 0 to 1. (0% - 100%). Going towards 0 makes the UI smaller, going towards 1 makes it bigger.
    6. If you aren't thinking of total customization (beginning with a scale slider), can we at least expect the UI to scale with the selected resolution?

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