I would have put these in the other thread, but it's locked for whatever reason. So instead I'm making this one and I will likely edit/add to it over time.

The idle animation with looking to your right then left is wayyyyyy too frequent. Right now the animation itself takes like a second and then repeats itself like two and a half seconds later. Tone it down to like every 10 seconds or something or possibly add an option to turn it off completely like has been suggested with emote music.

Please remove it completely from character creation also. It's not as bad here as in other games, but your character fidgeting incessantly with no control on your part just hinders the entire process and it's a major annoyance IMO.

Female models could use some tweaking if possible. They aren't terribly bad and I realize they aren't intended to be supermodels, but their hips are way too wide for how thin their waists are. Even if you tone down their weight/height, it's still odd. I get the impression you were aiming for an hourglass figure, but it just makes them look weird.

The stamina drain while swimming should probably be toned down a bit too, I'm sure it drains slower at higher levels, but even as a brand new character you will not last very long when fooling around in the lake.