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    Feedback Request: Combat Test Server 2011 09 03

    We are currently testing combat desynch on the Test Server. If you are interested, please provide feedback on PvP combat or movement synchronization here.

    You will see creatures standing around the world that can't be killed. We are setting up a new creature distribution so these animals currently have their AI movement and life loss turned off.

    All feedback is welcome!

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    Every time I log on to test, I can't find mobs or people to test combat on. I can comment on the swing animations. There seems to be a cooldown between swings so I can't fluidly switch from holding a left swing to holding a right swing or some other direction. Also, if I am holding a left swing and they parry in a direction while still holding the swing button, I release the parry and motion to another direction but it still holds the left swing instead of the new direction I am motioning.

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    Currently (on live anyway) it will not register 2 quick hits in succession, with my axes. So wielding one axe is just as useful as dual wielding them. I think fists register quick hits pretty easily, but axes do not for some reason.

    Added after 38 minutes:

    Also, I didn't notice a difference in damage done on live and test, maybe it needs to be a larger difference. I didn't like 5 hits to kill, but 100 is even worse. Maybe somewhere in the 10-30 range depending on damage and hp

    Added after 13 minutes:

    It also doesn't seem like weapon levels affect damage at all. And it certainly doesn't show up in the combat calculations which makes me think it isn't a factor.

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    Im same as Derek nothing to test combat on apart from stationary animals when i log in and generally noone is on.
    While this lets you see damage output text its hardly a true combat situation.
    So until we get meaningful PvP chances (eg working animals and people to fight ) I find it difficult to give appropriate feedback.
    At the end of the day these are the situations combat will be used in so until this is replicated hitting a stationary object deosnt give a true reflection how the system will perform in the "real world".
    I would like to see how long it takes to kill people/animals in a true combat situation and how desync is.
    Maybe this weeks PvP event should take place on the test server if we dont get the patch this week?

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    I cant see how much damage we do in relation to life of a target as animals cant die on test, and there is like 2 people testing.

    Attack swings are still to fast to parry/dodge.

    I dont see a real difference in range of weapons, blades are still damn good as they attack fast and still do a ton of damage based on how fast they attack, with good enough range.
    Other weapons really are not a choice. I did notice that axe cut through armor a bit better. So thats cool for a choice.

    Preorder weapons are still very good, most damage per attack and with the damage bonuses like they are will be the choice in battles, with an off hand that's faster.

    Attack swings are not doing AOE damage meaning you cant attack more than 1 thing at a time. This really needs to be changed badly. Side sweeps (arcs left and right) need to do less damage but have a much much easier chance to hit. Overhead and thrusts should have a lot more damage because they are a lot harder to hit.
    Low attacks are harder to hit but they should have other advantage like maybe slowing the target or harder to block/dodge, so far none of these things are even close to being working.

    Desync looks fine on test but then again only tested with 2 people on a server with 0 animals moving and 5 or less people playing on it at during the testing.

    Armor has almost no effect from what I can tell. Maybe its just the armor type I was using, I didnt have access to all my weapons and armor due to running for an hour to get to the one person online.

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    It may be worth implementing an option to spawn at some common point on the test server so that people will be close to one another for testing combat etc...

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    Killed about 9 critters last night. Damage on the chickens and ground squirrel were higher than normal mostly due to backstab damage and lower defense. Damage to bears, deer and coyotes were only slightly higher but with greater variation than on the live server. This was about half the displayed damage displayed on the previous patch when critters were invulnerable.

    The damage the critters did to me was negligible, never amounting to more than 10% and mostly less even with large bears. This doesn't present any challenge.

    Movement and distribution was much better. Critters would go into and cross water. Thought the deer was stuck in a waterfall, but he agro'ed me when I stood nearby. They also did not seem to kill each other off which should really help their availability for player slaughter. Some areas seemed to have a lot of critters and some seemed to be bare of animals, but since they can move around more this may be solved over time.

    And till we get Molotov cocktails or hand grenades, please no AoE damage. If you hit something with a hand weapon hard enough to do damage, it just won't have the momentum to carry on and do more damage to something else.


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    DDT, i don't think over hand and stab should do more.

    because if you aim at the very edge of a players hit box and do an over hand or a side slash, you still have the same limitations for where that hit box starts and ends.

    I noticed zero difference in the different swing types as far as accuracy is concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    DDT, i don't think over hand and stab should do more.

    because if you aim at the very edge of a players hit box and do an over hand or a side slash, you still have the same limitations for where that hit box starts and ends.

    I noticed zero difference in the different swing types as far as accuracy is concerned.

    If they added arc swings that were AOE effect (like Darkfall has) then the overhead ones and thrust would have smaller hit boxes by default.

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