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    Questions for the week 9/05 through 9/11

    Please post your questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    Can you tell us your plans you have to keep people active in game? Whats your short term plans and long term goals on what would be some things or over all ideas to keep people active, and logging in.
    (Edit: This has been fixed.) Is there a reason to remove 1600x900 resolution size off the list? It used to be there.

    Combat, is this your idea of how long combat should last? For a rat it should take over a min for a high skilled player to kill? For PVP it should take mins of non stop attacking without misses with high skilled high QL weapons?

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    Can you please outline for us all what YOUR vision for the game is?

    Specifically... a few feel that the only thing that will "save" xsyon is full FFA open pvp with no safe zones... ( i.e: gankers heaven )

    So, Is armed combat the primary vision for xsyon or is it more a combination of all sides of the game?

    You have allowed players to interact in many ways that allow great freedom, like removing all trees around a tribes area to cut them off from resources, but you have not put in any way for that tribe to recover the loss. And even though trees sprout now, they only sprout where there are other trees... again not allowing a tribe to recover the loss of threes in an area complete completely denuded of trees.

    How soon will we be able to plant trees?

    To make sure that there is reason and purpose to pvp...

    Will you have an alignment system in place that provides a way for good aligned players to sanction evil aligned players that abuse their desire to play in peace?

    Thank you for considering my questions. Well done so far on ALL your hard work to make xsyon a unique and interesting game

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    Will players be able to see item stats? For example, weight, bulk and any special properties the item may have (perhaps linked to a skill)?

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    I was wondering about the terraforming skill. Can we have a level up or level down option? basically the same as lower terrain and raise terrain, at this time we have to lower the terrain, then raise up to get ground leveled.

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