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Thread: The Coliseum!

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    The Coliseum!

    Greetings Survivors!

    We will be conducting an Event on the 09/11/2011 at 12pm PST.
    At the Guide Arenas located in Zone 978 - Position: 884 / 659

    The event will be a PvP Arena battle.
    Players will duel it out 1v1 in a tournament style system until we have an overall Champion.

    No looting will be permitted during the event, and a large Prize will be given for the overall Champion and 2nd place.

    Bring your best gear to the battle, and let the slaughter begin!

    Good Luck.

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    Cool all things being well I will be there ~ "large" prize sounds elephant mount?

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    Haha, who knows last time it was a "large" prize I got 4 obsidian.

    Either way, cant wait to test the new combat with some real PVP.

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    The New Coliseum Champion of Xsyon!

    Congratulations goes to AlexTaldren for becoming the first Xsyon Coliseum Champion!

    After advancing through 2 rounds of carnage AlexTaldren was only left with 1 more challenge... Andrew!

    The fight was tough, the fight was long, there was blood! (well maybe not so much, but still...) It was an Epic fight.

    Eventually AlexTaldren was Victorious and managed to walk away with all limbs intact, and some hefty loot to top it off.

    The only question remains, who will challenge him?

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    What a great Event, it was good to see some new faces attend.
    Keep watching the Official Gallery as I will be uploading some new screen shots from the Event.

    Well done to everyone who took part!
    And Thank you!

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    Thanks for that event indeed. And thanks to those who showed up, we had a great time. Hopefully more players will participate next time.

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    What did he receive for winning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
    What did he receive for winning?
    A bunch of architecture recipes, a zombie helm and mask, and any item of my choosing.

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