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    What would bring you back?

    This thread is specifically for players that read the board but don't play.

    And yes, I know this has been done before, but dynamics of the player base has shifted a bit and things may have changed.

    This will server two purposes... first to give the Dev's useful feedback, and second to show active players, the viewpoints of players that have left, but are still interested in the game.

    So.... I have 2 questions for you...

    1. What made you stop playing in the first place?

    ( please be specific. something like "too many resources" or "no real conflict" )

    2. What would bring you back?

    ( Here, say anything that would make the game something YOU would like to play )

    With both questions ONLY refer to what YOU personally feel, not some un-numbered
    vague group of "folks like you" and what they collectively feel.

    Also, this is not a thread for you to pontificate the merits of your personal suggestions for the game. Just say what would bring you back to playing and why you left.

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    1. Hunting not really viable.
    2. Viable hunting+more creatures+cooking+archery

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    I've been waiting for the new lands to open since launch, so my camp was only temporary. I stopped playing after Jordi announced that it won't be opened up anytime soon.

    What would bring me back ? New areas which are not flooded with abandoned totems. Cooking and agriculture would be nice too. And a much bigger focus on in death without food or drink or clothes or shelter, which would give a reason for crafting/building stuffs.

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    1: -Missing skillcap, everyone can be everything. Already have this fail system in Darkfall
    -No meaning to core elements of the game. building gates/walls for no reason->Safezone, no local ressources
    -Desync PVP and missing archery
    2: Fixing of the above problems would make me look into the game again aslong as i still have the option to check it out on the test server

    I'm still watching this side from time to time and i'am DL'ing the game atm to see how the desync is.

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    1. Archery
    2. Territory Warfare atm there's no reason to run out and fight
    3. Everyone can do everything which makes trading suck because nobody needs anything
    4. Mounts
    5. Working quest or trade hub system

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    no reason to do anything, by this i mean most things in the game have no intrinsic value outside the enjoyment of doing it for the sake of doing it(e.g. crafting, building).
    my friends all left.
    frustrating interface(e.g. bags, chat, crafting windows).
    combat was very boring for me.
    i never got the feeling i was playing in a post apocalypse, many elements of the genre i felt were missing. specifically the ruins of civilization, like the shells of cars seen in the promo screenshots.
    i would be very reluctant to return, but i suppose if they implemented all the stuff that was on the original features list i would pay for another month.

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    I'll be back as soon as they fix my toon but since its just me that probably wont happen I made a bug report I think not sure if I did it right time will tell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pollygod View Post
    I'll be back as soon as they fix my toon but since its just me that probably wont happen I made a bug report I think not sure if I did it right time will tell
    Please send me a Pm with the details of your bug, and ill make sure the bugs team have received it.

    Thank you.

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    I am not sure anything would bring myself and my tribe back again now, too much time has passed. We built up our tribal area, we had friends in a tribe across the river from us (they have since gone and definitely wont be back), my toon opened up all the tailoring recipes, fishing and foraging lost their appeal as there isnt really anything you can do with the results, well you can eat them but you cant cook or make potions/poisons with the stuff you cant eat. There is no way to carry water around so you have to use the rivers all the time. Yes I know there are plenty of rivers but that isnt the point. There is barely a need to trade finished goods as everyone can make everything although I am guessing high QL goods might well be tradeable now. Oh and no farming of any sort either
    One of my tribe members came back recently and finished off some terraforming and that has been about it for a few months now

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    1) very buggy and incomplete. My Logitech drivers would freeze up. Seems to be an issue with flash coding. So empty and boring, no real point.

    2) Archery, more features, Any of the systems mentioned on the website would be a start. but Archery first

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