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    Questions for the week 09/12 through 09/18

    Please post your Questions to the Developers Below...

    Thank you.

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    1. With the manual you get an easy overview of which skills increases what stats and what stats helps a specific skill along.
    My question is, would it be possible to obtain a list of which skills is opposite of each other in terms of stat gaining/losing. Eg. If you raise Architecture, your Intelligence and Spirit would gradually gain, but your strength and dexterity would gradually decrease.
    2. Would you consider revising the current system to vary how much effort is needed to change stats through skills in the way that; A high skill will be more likely to provide you with a stat gain whereas a low skill would be less likely to provide you with a stat gain?
    - This would be based in reality where it is easier to maintain and increase said physical attributes if they are already a regular event in your everyday.
    3. Can you, at the present time, give us the dimension of fields in agriculture? 1m x 1m, 2m x 2m. 3m x 3m etc.
    - I'm quite aware that they are a way of into the future, I'm just curious to see how 'big' you Devs are considering to make them. A shot in the wild is more than fine btw.
    4. Would it be possible to reduce the length of a long log so that the longest of them just fit inside a 4m x 4m house? They should still vary in length.
    - I'm aware that it has no technical importance, but it would cool to be able to have doors on houses you use for logs.
    5. With the home buff introduced to the game, would it be possible to hand over privileges (permission) to Roofs and thus transfer the builder check to the person you gave the privileges to
    6. Do you intend to make equally hard for Good players, seeing that evil players should be sanctioned even more? As you say, you want a balanced game, but it isn't a balanced game if only evil players are getting sanctioned. My concern is that being good is favored more than evil.
    6a. So, will you consider penalties for every kind of Alignment (perhaps just Good and Evil) instead of focusing on just Evil? Evil can have a death penalty, Good players for example have a penalty for just killing people (regardless of alignment - but Good players won't fall in alignment unless the victim is neutral or good.)
    7. What is up with the Suggestion forum. It seems a lot more complex than that of the old with a lot of threads being spammed.
    8. What happened to the 'baby' animal models? I haven't seen a single since pre-launch.

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    When will we see Archery and how will it work? (Do we have to go into 1st person mode ala darkfall? Will there be a reticule? will arrows be effected by the enviroment as in wind/gravity?)

    When will we see zombies and stuff? (Will they attack player settlements or just stand around waiting to be killed like other games?)

    When a totem decays away everything left is up for grabs? (will add a much needed exploration factor to the game.)

    Any plans for adding other enviroments in the future? (dead towns, proper cave systems, swamps, underwater etc etc.)

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    1) How do bonuses like +Strength on a tool affect the crafting result, if at all? In all other cases you have to equip the item to get the bonus, but you don't equip tools.

    2) There are several material bonuses that are vague or off-type for certain crafts. For example how does the +damage bonus work in cases where the item cannot contribute to combat damage, like on tools? I also noticed there is no +durability bonus on any materials. Is there any chance we can get a rundown of how applied bonuses affect different item types? (+speed is a big one...could be swing speed, run speed, progress bar speed depending on the item type, though not sure how much faster a building would move, lol.)

    3) Will wood and leather/fur types be gaining different material bonuses?

    4) On the current quality scale Supreme means the quality is 100. Is this a hard cap or can the value exceed 100? It would be nice to be able to stack +quality (mats and tools) in order to hedge against a vindictive RNG.

    5) Could we get similar schemes/patterns to stack? The quality level doesn't mean anything here so no loss on combining a master with a low Scrapper's Screwdriver scheme.

    6) Can crafting menus gain the ability to remember the last crafted item? How about the last sort state?

    7) Can we have our open UI windows states saved when we log off? The positions are already saved, we just need the open/closed state saved as well.

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    Where did the numbers go for the combat tab? Moved over to a combat tab and lost most of the info we had in combat. Reasons?

    Combat still taking a long time, is there balancing being looked at here? Looks like random guessing or poorly tested combat systems. You said last week that you tested combat and its not lasting near as long as people are saying. Even AFTER your last patch with mobs and people with less HP its STILL taking way to long. Is this really what you plan on it doing? Taking mins for mobs to die, and even longer for people?

    Weapons are they being looked at for balancing? How soon if they are?

    Where is the survival in this game? This game was meant to be about it, where is it? Is it coming soon I hope?

    Can we get the bonuses of items looked at? They are so minor, even going from a JUNK to a SUPREME items is really not much when you consider how very very very hard it is to make a SUPREME. Can we please get some better bonuses for using top of the line stuff?

    Long time ago you said people were not going to have to "grind" items just to level. Now people are asking for throwing stuff away options while crafting. Seems like just what you didnt want is happening. Is there plans to make lower QL items more used? Or maybe better bonuses for making the best stuff for skill-wise? Right now, to train tool crafting I will take the crap of the crap resources and make the easiest item 20000 times to get to 100 skill. There is ZERO reason to make harder items or items that require more resources. Is this your plan? If not what is your plan to fix this?

    When do you expect Prelude to be over, and contested resources, and "choice" for for totems to be PVP or not?

    What is the reason/reward for a tribe to choose not to be safe?

    Do you plan any type of "sieging" system in the game ever to come along? If so about when? How? What are your plans for it?

    Do you have plans for more NPCs types (not really animals, but maybe like Zombies, or Vampires etc) that will be more hostile and harder to kill? Or even with more thought behind what they are doing? Instead of just wondering bears, and coyotes?
    If so when, and how do you see those plans working into the game?

    When and how are death penalties coming into the game?

    You talked about good vs evil actions being tracked and "evil" actions will have stronger death penalties, do you have plans for other types of penalties or rewards for evil? Also what do you consider evil? What actions in game cause people to be evil?
    When do you think we will see this evil/good system?

    Skill decay, soft cap, and skill pools. When will we see info on this type of stuff released so we can make plans and not waste time right now training skills we will never be able to keep?

    How many skills do you expect people to have after skill decay is in at 100?

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    Even do I do not play an evil class, I do not think is fair to give penalties to evil players. If there is a "Death" penalty for every, this pretty much will only affect evil players. We as a whole need to decide who is evil, by the action the person does. Think about it in real life one would never know if someone was a murderer, we have to have witnesses and trials to prove that someone is a murderer, well perhaps we can do similar in game? I just finish watching "Jeremiah" and loved the show. There where evil tribes "Groups" everywhere and the people around it either sign up with those groups or fought against them. so with this being said here are my questions:

    1- are there going to be death penalties? in other words "carebear" comes to mind.

    We do not have reasons to kill people, I mean I cant kill anyone just because I have everything. so you are working so hard on this pvp system, but people are not using it. The matter of fact is we all want t pvp, but have no reason for it. Instead of penalizing players for about rewarding players instead. Like dropping dogtags or something with rare stats to be used as a collection in whole to be used in "rare" armor. IE: (Collect 20 dogtags to make a dogtag plate with so and so stats.)

    2- what ideas do you have to encourage pvp?

    Right now anyone can be anything they want, and to be honest I hate doing everything my self. I mean it used to be more fun for me to get a group of people together to go kill a dragon and half the group dying to get this task accomplished. I know some of you have maxed out stats in every craft skill, but I wish we had to depend on others to do stuff (this would encourage trading).

    3- What plans do you have for the crafting skill system?. Is to easy for people to do everything.

    With "to easy for people to do everything" being said. I think that resources are to easy to gather (well except for logs and sand) everything else is pretty much in piles. How bout getting leather "only" from animals, stones from rocks, cloth from insects and animal hair, plastic from tree sap, metals from iron, copper veins etc, instead of everything being found on junk piles. Some items could be scavenged in junk piles as it is now, but since its so easy to lvl up crafting at least make the resources a little harder to "get"

    3-are there any plans to make crafting more difficult so we have to depend on others? or at least resources harder to get?

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