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    Is there any point to posting here?

    If we had new players dropping in somewhat regularly, I could see a reason to post comments, opinions and rebuttals.

    As it is, it seems to be a a small handful of players arguing with each other. No real info being given, nothing of value to the community nor potential players.

    I had thought to be an offsetting voice against the rampant negative posts that have become the norm here, but now cant see any benefit from doing so.

    So, any of you that actually play this game, what do you think?

    Is there any point to posting here at all?

    ( and to all you non-playing lurkers with the whiny attitudes, post away, as you have nothing better to do )

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    Ofcourse, i read the forums alot. If no one posts decent stuff, no decent stuff will be posted : p

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    Quote Originally Posted by virror View Post
    Ofcourse, i read the forums alot. If no one posts decent stuff, no decent stuff will be posted : p
    Exactly! Don't get discouraged Mac, I always read your post and appreciate them as well as others constructive posts.

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    I think right now the forums is mostly where people get information from about the game.

    Once the game is doing better and content/features/system are working and added. This is where people will be looking first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mactavendish View Post
    ( and to all you non-playing lurkers with the whiny attitudes, post away, as you have nothing better to do )

    With comments like these, you think you are not the lurker or the one with the whiny attitude? Really? So sad.

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    That's right.. I am most certainly not a lurker, since I play every day of the week .

    I am also not whining about all the problems I cannot personally fix nor am I running players away with overt negativity.

    I am just very tired of these forums. ANY positive posts gets immediately attacked or hijacked, and usually by players that don't even play.

    I guess I would like to see more players post here to help off set the negativity, but not many post here anymore except to complain. I guess they feel they will get the attention of the dev's, but I'm not sure about that anymore.

    I will freely admit that atm, there are more people complaining about the game than saying good things, and yet they still play every day as well.

    If you like the game enough to play it PLEASE post something positive. It's gotten very lonely here for me. I still play and have a blast doing what I do... But posting here just to be hijacked has gotten on my last nerve, and has caused me to be much like those I fight against. I don't much like that.

    Any of you willing to help?

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    Feel free to help with the new Arch recipe thread : p

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    Mac im struggling sorry will try

    Like-my tribe and people ive met ingame over the past 6 months ive been here, again ive been here almost everyday (sheesh i need to get a life)lol
    Like- the open world, have your own area to build and the creativity that brings. In saying that ive built nothing lol
    Like - the junk piles (when its working satisfactory) like just now its not bad
    Like - hunting animals (again when working/ingame)

    As for forums being the way they are, I think its down to lack of game variety/content/reasons so all that ever get brought up is the same rehashed frustrated stuff.
    Game is moving too slowly for alot of people, those of us who have been ingame for a while are well aware of the issues so no need for me to state these.
    Hopefully we get some movement soon...but i say that to myself every month

    In saying that I would still rather spend my time playing here and talking in this game than be in any others atm.

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    Don't get discouraged, Mac, keeping up the spirit is not easy but always worth it.
    About negativity...I think that is common in every game forum, there are always more people complaining than saying good things, that is human nature I guess. Positive people are usually more quiet, and since they have nothing to complain about they just play the game in peace.

    The forum became much more enjoyable for me in the last few days, since I put DDT on ignore...I can't even describe the difference. This is not meant as an attack against DDT, just a personal advice to you, Mac

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    I've had the pleasure on a couple of occasions to play while you are too MrMac.
    And you come across as one of the best mannered people I know online. What Jadzia wrote just above me (assuming I'm posting my response in time!) fits me: "positive people are usually more quiet".

    While I often agree with what you are trying to bring across, I just don't feel an urge to subject my positivism about the game to the negative people that dominate the forums.
    Not that I don't have gripes with the game or some of its mechanics, I do. I also don't understand why it takes the developers so long to add useful stuff to the game (for instance carts or purpose to fight), but I don't think that my whining about that will speed up the progress.

    No, I choose to play 'my game' inside of the game and not on a forum.
    Especially one persons attitude of 'I speak the TRUTH and all who disagree are carebears and ruin the game' really annoys me. I too have this person on ignore but sadly others quote what he writes, so its still hard to escape his negativity. And what saddens me even more than this person is the fact that the developers seem to enjoy his presence, since he is allowed to continue sprout his truth, even claiming to speak for 'many'.

    All in all, I do applaud you for your stamina and perseverance Mac, but I see almost no reason to read or post here more often than I do.

    I'd say in closing: keep on Laughing you tree!

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    Objective, informative and constructive posts are more than welcome and needed here for both new, newer and older players.

    Before subscribing to this game I plowed through these fora for any bit of information I could get.
    What I also remember is that it made me almost NOT subscribe to the game because of pointless, selfcentered and subjective comments made to posts I wanted to read more about.
    I don't mind a good debate, but there should be a point other than personal gains. Don't ruin others posts by making it a personal crusade. New players certainly don't need that.

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