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    Danish player looking for tribe!

    Hi ppl

    Im just starting up Xsyon again, after a long brake (been playing at launch, but quit be couse of the serious latency problems). Anyhow, i hope all is better now. Im looking for a tribe, where i can start up again!

    Im really all about the crafting! But do like to hunt

    Hope to hear from some friendly players!

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    Welcome Back!

    There are many active tribes though the player base is down. I am not sure if there is an active Danish tribe. I think Severin (game name) is Danish if you want to ask in game. We have one Danish tribe member and a couple EU players, but they have not played much lately, of course you are welcome to join us in Raven Moon.

    Good luck and welcome back to Xsyon

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    How du i get in touch with you in game?

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    Welcome (back) to Xsyon
    Ur ye Scottish? A um. Ye ken ur a true Scot if ye can properly pronounce Ecclefechan,Auchtermuchty and Aufurfuksake. Yer used tae 4 seasons in wan day. Ye kin faw aboot pished wioot spilling yer drink. Ye kin make hael sentences jist wi swear wurds. Ye know irn bru is a hang-er cure. Ye actually understawn this message

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thardmann View Post
    How du i get in touch with you in game?
    You use the whisper command to speak directly to any player. /w playername
    Good Luck!

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