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    Re:Server and Client Status

    ok this is probably a dumb question but I'm stuck. Is the account name and PW the same for the game the same as my forum account? My E-mail says my game account is the same as the forums.

    If the answer to the above question is yes, than whenever I enter my account and PW info, the screen goes blank, with a not responding message, and after a few minutes will just direct me back to the log-in screen.

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    Login Problem

    read below..

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    Re:Server and Client Status

    the answer is yes

    From what I have noticed this usually means the server is down.

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    Re:Server and Client Status

    ok thx Virtus, I thought the server has been up and running but I also know theirs been log-in issues. K but thats my problem, I can't log-in, can't even get to the character creator.

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    Re:Server and Client Status

    if its up then I'm not sure... I've been away for a day so a bit out of sync.

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