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    xsyon has encouted a problem and needs to close.

    Hi , I have been playing xsyon for about three weeks now , i have been enjoying the game with no problems , but since yesturday i keep getting the title message . Is there anything i can do to stop this... sorry if this is on the wrong forum page , but i could not see a technical problem page.... Thanks

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    Please follow this link 'Support' Or use the Support button at the top of the page to contact our Support department.

    Try and provide as many details as you can, for example...

    In-game toon name:
    What you were doing at the time of the error:
    What Zone were you currently in:

    Also this type of error should have produced a Crash log.
    Look in the Xsyon Directory for a folder called 'Logs'
    please send us the most recent 'client' crash log.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks....the report has been sent....

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