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    Combat overhall.

    How can a previous co-programmer/developer of one of the most innovative combat systems in MMO gaming, create such a lack luster combat system. After Roma Victor I have been spoiled by the damage system from that game, the speed and lethality of it. But even with all its exploits and bugs, it was still the most realistic combat systems I have seen in a MMO.

    Now my question is, why cant we have something very similar to that here? Why cant we have a damage system that isnt based on the, famous and tired, "hit point bubble"?

    So I am suggesting that we get the Roma Victor combat system with this game engine, and we will have a epic sandbox combat system.

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    This prolly should be put into the barracks.

    I agree. At first I didnt think it was going to be about HP's, or the HP bar. I thought people were going to be hurt like in Roma Victor, where each body part had its own hit box, and damage.

    Clearly things have changed. Many things, combat the most.

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    i second this with all my heart

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    Sorry for the closure of this thread OP, It did not violate anything that would warrant it to be closed.

    The reason it was closed was due to this whole forum section being relocated, and instead of moving your suggestion one of the Trackers closed your thread down.
    This will get moved over to the Suggestions Tracker, where all new suggestions should be posted.

    Our apologies for the confusion over this matter.

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