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    Questions for the week 09/19 through 09/25

    Post your questions to the Developers below....

    Thank you.

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    Where are the updates you said you were going to post last week?

    We going to get the answers to last week before this week's is up?

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    We have 6 trees in our tribal area. NONE of them ever sprout trees. If we use what happens to other trees as an example, at least one tree should sprout since it has clear ground all around it.

    Question 1. Do trees actually sprout on tribal land, and if so, can they actually sprout further away than 10 meters like we see in the undeveloped areas?

    Before we took this spot for our tribe, there were many trees on the ridge above, but someone came and cut them ALL down. And since you have to have a tree to have new trees sprout, and since planting is still sometime in the future...

    Question 2. Can you sprout a few trees in ares completely denuded of trees or at least allow the ones close by to sprout 1 or two into areas that have NONE?

    Question 3. Is there any info you can give on how soon we will get planting?

    You are making great progress on the games so far and this last patch was spot on in my book... BUT, we still are hoping to have increased need to do the things we do...

    Question 4. can you provide any info on when decay and zombies will be implemented? And can you tell us how Zombies will work?

    I know you have given some info and I love the idea of them spawning at abandoned totems, but have you finalized what you are going to do yet?

    Thank you for your time

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    1) Are there any plans to use tribe Name Tags or Tribe Colors?

    2) Will branches and twigs ever re-spawn and if so will they spawn on terraformed areas also?

    3) Any plans to have fishing reward you with rare or unique items other than fish? (could add some appeal to fishing)

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    Can we please get white stone roads.Im sure i speak for everyone that this brown road is getting old and ugly.Looks like guides can do it so i wouldent think it to much work for use as well.

    Oh and can we get shovels to break when used I have 300 plus shovel heads and no use for them.Plus it would help build trade.

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    1. Can we get some further clarification on Totem decay, I couldn't find anything recent with a good outline of how you are wanting this system to work.

    2. What are your current thoughts for safe zones and expansion totems?

    2A. Are we going to be able to have both?
    2B. Are they going to be restricted to certain zones?

    3. Are two handed weapons still in the works? If so how soon could we expect to see them.

    4. Can we expect any new armor sets being available sometime in the near future. Specifically bone armor sets, we have a lot of animals but few armor sets.

    5. When zombies come in will we be able to get bones from them for the human armor sets? Also on that note will we be able to gather bones from players? I would understand if not as this could cause problems with "farming" alts.

    6. How have you been? XD

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    1. Foraging - when is the stuff actually going to have a use, self heal sounds interesting but what are your plans for these? (edible plants i know but pointless when fish fills you up quicker)

    2. Scavaging - again things like freeway rail, lampost heads etc etc when are we going to get a use for these?

    3. Im interested in the human bones too, because i want a deathbone armour set , but do the bones of different animals have different strengths currently, or is this planned for the future?

    4. When is weather/basket decay actually going to be "turned on", i know we got icons added in last patch but when will they have an effect?

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    When will carts or whatever form of 'mover' it will be be introduced in the game?

    Trading heavy items (like bricks or posts) just will not happen without transportation means...

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    Can you confirm that tents will provide protection from decay?

    Why do leather straps weigh considerably more than the leather scraps and thread used to make them?

    Any plans to revise existing weapon recipes (not two handed and bows)?


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