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    Apostrophe bug suggestion - modify it slightly

    Bugs and Fixes Thread

    mjgreenjr wrote:
    Interesting chat bug I found. If I type an apostrophe ('), everything I type goes into the chat window backwards... so if I were to type "I'm just sitting here" it shows up "ereh gnittis tsuj mI". And that is what gets said when I hit return as well.
    edaw22 wrote:
    I dont know about anyone else, but I think thats fracking awesome. But alas it is clearly a bug and will be added to the list.
    My Suggestion:
    'mirror text = txet rorrim
    I'm talking = I'm talking

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    Re:Apostrophe bug suggestion - modify it slightly

    Fair enough I suppose, but except for the "Hey cool, I can type backward" factor, whats the point?

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    Re:Apostrophe bug suggestion - modify it slightly

    First and foremost, the further you go from your starting home town, the different and unusual languages will become.

    So for example '{TEXT} could be the precursor for a language system.

    After Prelude of course, I would be expecting a game-language interface in which would use a interface for hiding the language you speak.

    If that system is forced in all chats that would hurt the game in my view, so of course private messages, help channels and any official channels/chats should be excluded.

    For Roleplayers or those that simply like the idea, they are able to force their tribes language by using ;{TEXT}, this could also allow for "Are you my friend/foe/unknown?", as people who know you should be able to experience a 'Language Skill' improvement that increases when you talk with MANY different tribes (as each tribe should have their seperate code (tribe 1 get +6 to the A=1, tribe 2 get a +20 to A=1, etc)).

    Side note: Foes shouldn't be able to read your language, but that's my logic, use your own logic when it comes to it.

    Side note: I have many different ideas here too, but wont publicly list them.

    Personally I think that as you experience different languages, if someone has the same +6 or +20 assignment to their name, the language should be a partial translation, for example Chinese people can sometimes understand different dialects of itself...on second thought, I think that is more applicable to Russians as well from what I understand.

    Anyways, language is always a good hit in another game I used to play, more so, manually translating that language, which players had to do - however that should be left only to official events if used here instead of all player languages - of course higher language skills could help in such events.

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