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    Large update in 2 days.

    100 bucks says it doesn't come out, as we were told to expect another update two weeks from two thursdays ago.

    Seriously though, 1st off, please don't give such quick estimates of when you will be done with patches. 2nd, if you are delayed on a patch, TELL YOUR COMMUNITY, don't just leave them hanging. 3rd, it'd be nice to have an idea of what to expect in the large patch to come, not just that there will be one.

    If this is really a large patch, and it was really suppose to be released two weeks from the last patch, then by now you would think we would get an update of the "In development zone" or a "Xsyon Update" that says "We will be patching this, this and this in a couple days"


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    I'm still wondering what the test server is for if they never have it open, and when it is open its only for a few hours with any new changes other than what's on live.

    From what I understand the test server would be updated long before something was put on live server (weeks) for balancing and bug testing. Anyone seeing this?

    What's the point of the test server if you just going to toss a patch out on live in 1 day after its on test and after the 1 to 10 people tested it?

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    quit hating.

    everything is fine.

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    Unfortunately Jordi is not very well at present, but he does plan to get an update out to the Test Server tomorrow with more combat changes.

    Once Jordi is feeling better, he will be keeping players updated more regularly every 1-2 days with what exactly he is working on, what is to come and how his day has been.
    Even though Jordi is unwell, he is still determined to code, and has not lost any motivation in developing Xsyon, he still even refuses to take breaks.

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    Get well Jordi

    Hope Jordi is feeling better real soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideRaguel View Post
    Even though Jordi is unwell, he is still determined to code, and has not lost any motivation in developing Xsyon, he still even refuses to take breaks.
    Take a day or too off Jordi and get well. You code better when you are rested.


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    Gah... another round of 'combat changes'... much needed, but we knew that before the 3 last 'revisions' already .

    Still no word on for instance CARTS? Some means of transportation of wares like bricks?

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    Somewhat give it a rest. Did you honestly expect them to meet a two week patch, when they haven't been able to before.
    There is nothing wrong in being a bit realistic when it comes to 'official' patch dates. I, personally, don't mind a patch taking more time to wrap up - that only means it will be even better than if it was released due to pressure without proper testing, which is what we all want, right? Proper patches...

    MrDDT, I completely agree, the test server idea I proposed wasn't at all like the test server we actually got. I was thinking in the lines of what Blizzard does. Provide a server that is playable, but where you might see a lot of crashes/bugs etc due to the new content whereas the live server would be stable but with less new content.
    On the other hand, we gotta realize that we just don't have the numbers of players available for two server set ups. So I think that they keep the server restricted at times as to not confuse people where to actually play. It would affect the community incredibly bad to be divided already.

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