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    Maxhardcore and the Pawnee.

    Howdy folks. I'm the leader of The Pawnee tribe. I play in game as LaughingOak.

    This new poster on the forums called maxhardcore claims to be a member of the pawnee tribe. I do not know this guy nor has he responded to my pm on the forums as he is not a paying player and cannot see pm's.

    If he actually got an account with the sole purpose to join Pawnee and let the toon just be there in name is of course possible. I have no way to determine that.

    I will say that I believe that it is one of the non-paying players here that is just claiming to be a part of Pawnee in the hopes of defaming our name or reputation.


    I officially state for the record that MaxHardcore is not a member of the Pawnee, nor do I know this person. and if in the off chance he actually made a toon just to infiltrate our tribe he has no power nor abilities. At best he could be a silent toon that never plays and contributes nothing to the game in any way ... much like this maxhardcore poster.

    If he has a toon in my tribe let's see if he has enough character to say the name, or if he is just a childish troll.

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    You got a name and reputation.. ? (I'm just kidding..)

    Hrm, I honestly didn't know you were Oak or Pawnee.

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    Good to know Mac. I wondered why you allowed that adolescent loudmouth to stay in your tribe, this explains much. Especially since we have no idea who he is

    Maxhardcore...... hmmm is that anything like Homer Simpsons "Max Power" LOLOLOL

    What do you think, I'm going to guess by his misdirected anger (and his name) that he is 17 maybe 18 years old tops!

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    I never had any doubt, Mac, that he didn't belong to your tribe. I'm pretty sure he hasn't got a paying account, and he is only trolling.

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    No offense Jadzia, but Mac has an open tribe. Anyone can get an unknown alt into that tribe pretty easy.

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    Yes we are open, but that does not mean folks just get to do everything right away.

    This game allows all sorts of things like spies and infiltrators.

    I play all the time, and others also pay attention.

    If anything, this proves my point that pvp can come form all sides, and I like the excitement it brings... besides, I LOVE to build..

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    any1 can get into my tribe also, doesnt mean their speacial enough to get the good rights hehe XD

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    youll never be special, So itll never happen XD. Btw why the hell u 2 numbnuts still postin here when ya dont play the game? dont ya have somethin else to do, and i beleave i already know who max is, SO behave max or well u know wat happen last 0324 times..lmao

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    They probably have much else to do. The time it takes for them to post a few posts here is probably less than 5 minutes. Anyway, this is funny

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    this is quite the lol a pathetic kinda way.

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