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Thread: Event 10/3/11

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    Event 10/3/11

    Greetings Survivors,

    We will be conducting a new Event Type never done before on October 3rd 2011.
    Starting at 12pm PST.

    I know this is a Monday during the working day, but I feel we would like to use this time to Test the Event, then this may very well be the common event we do on Sundays.

    We are waiting on some little changes that need to be tested, so at this point we don't want to give any more info out just yet, in case we can't deliver for that date.

    However I wanted to let everyone know that we will be conducting the Event at the above time, so you can plan around it if you decide you would like to join in.

    I will update this thread as soon as we know more details, so keep watching, we will most likely have an update to this by tomorrow.

    Thats all for now.

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    Any more news on this Raguel?

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    Greetings Survivors,

    My Original Event idea will need to be placed on hold until we have some changes made.

    The Guides will be equipping some Armor and weapons, and patrolling the land of Xsyon.
    We will be killable, but much stronger than a normal player.
    You will need a small group of friends to take us down.

    The Reward will be Anything we are wearing or using.

    The Event will take place 12pm PST on Monday October 3rd.

    We will announce in-game which zones we are patrolling in.

    We hope to see you out on the battlefield with your warpaint!

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    Hehe, sounds fun, will new combat be patched out before this or will be using the current system? Tactical preparations

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    Woots, tracking?

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    The new combat changes should be in for the event (all being well)

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    figures I cant be on at that time you should have planed it for 7:45 eastern lol that would work for me but given that it guides walk'n around that cant be beat less ya got a group they don't want lots of ppl in game lol anyway have fun c ya's tonight after event

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    That was loads of fun. The Mercs made it about 25% around the lake. They stuck together, and was very hard to kill them. We had to use tactics to split them up and kill them off 1 by 1. It was surely a team effort by Xsyon Mercenaries and Industrial Strength.

    Luthais, and Rothschild both fell during the event, but andrew and I kept on and defeated The Guide Mercs
    Good Job everyone.

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    it was good pvp Event best 1 so far and good job mrddt

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    Event was great (more so at the times when i didnt have 3500ms ping) I look forward to the next one

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