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    Questions for the week 09/26 through 10/02

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    We going to have an update on what and when the next patch is about?

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    1. Where is my physics! I cant get water to go down into a stream, leading it to lower ground or do the opposite. Isn't this kind of pivotal for a sandbox game?
    2. When can we expect to see physics applied to water?
    3. Can we get a notice a week prior to adding the one week game-time?
    4. Marksmanship, how soon or will it be in the next round of development (pretty please put it as some of the first added feature)
    5. You speak of Revenants as they will be entering the game very soon, is this likely? The upcoming patch or the next perhaps?
    5a. Will it include mutants?
    6. I thought a little on the penalty for Good and I kept thinking, what prevents them from abusing the alignment system. They can just fill up their Good alignment to the max and then do evil, all they needed to do was stop before turning Neutral and then start working on their Good alignment. Just a thought since people didn't buy the whole combat for the sake of just improving skills, but requested more objectives in combat. I'm a bit worried that the alignment system will just be a meh-whatever-system.
    7. I dig Liquidblade's idea of being able to make custom names for cities.
    7a. Would it be possible to create 'zone' names within a tribe area at some point? Could be cool for stuff like Crafting Quarter, Entering the city of XXX.

    8. Have you seen a doctor and are you being treated? No good just letting an ear infection run its course!

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    Is it possible that our cities instead of having our tribe name, could be named such as "Rome" and perhaps adding "Founded by Legion" ??

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    Is there any chance of re-balancing the energy drain mechanic? It just seems too harsh at the moment. I spend ~25% of my time resting while logged in. If the jogging drain could be at least cut in half that would be a good start. Others seem to be having the same issue. Please read this thread:

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    hmmmm....where do I begin....

    1.) are we going to get a way to carry water.....I spend more time going to river to drink than anything else..except resting.

    2.) are shields going to be introduced?'s a natural form of protection...even the Native Americans had hide streched over wood a kid, I'd pick up a trashcan lid for protection during dirt clod fights....

    3.) Are we going to get lighting/torches of sorts other than campifires ? Campfires dont seem to really light anything up much, and we also need indoor lighting/torches.

    4.) Can we get differing lengths of wall 1/2 and 1/4.....would make building to utilise area more efficiently (and is there a fix for yakid post soon ?)

    5.) Speaking of campfires....are they ever gonna be destroyable by anyone if not on a tribe lands? And will they ever actually burn out?

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    Using Roads that exist DO make my char move faster, however, it also appears it uses more energy.....

    Shouldnt traveling on a road use less energy instead?

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    What crafting skill will be used to make shields?


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