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Thread: Back and happy!

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    Smile Back and happy!

    Greetings all,

    It has been a long time since I logged in to game. Life has a way sometimes of throwing curves. I am back and logged in yesterday and am so impressed with all the hard work the development team has put in since I was last on. the graphics and environment are remarkable, the random animals are so cute (Oooo a bear....Ahhhh my spleen) The crafting seems to be filled in nicely and tribes seem to be working.

    I am going to spend the week reacquainting myself with game mechanics so I can actually be useful, then I would like to find a tribe to hang with and have fun.

    Hope to meet you all in game.


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    Welcome back, Oarok/Tereas. Had the pleasure of saying "hello" to you this morning.

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    Welome Back!

    Nice to see returning players with some positive feedback

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