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    What's in YOUR area?

    In an effort to see how schemes are currently distributed, I would appreciate folks listing what they can find in their areas.

    Please say the named area you are in, ( like tallac or squaw ) and what you have found ( see the example below )

    I would prefer that those that post have 100 in scav and be over 80 in perception.

    In the Sugarpine area, we have found the following types of resources and rares...

    Blueprints : Banaya, Bamati, Gadu, mason, pioneer.

    Schemes : All types artisan and few master ones.

    Patterns : Leather craft more than any other type, some cloth, a rare bone craft one.

    Resources : Way too many leather scraps, bolts, nails, screws, metal boards, plastic parts of all types, currency items, posts of all types, very few weapon or tool parts, and almost NO bones at all .

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    From my experinece so far. Havn't scavenged as much as I usually after last update.

    In Echo area (south of The Lake, south from Tallac).

    Blueprints: Pioneer, scrapper.
    Schemes : Various artisan and "normal" ones.
    Patterns : Mostly leather craft but also a good deal of bone patterns.

    Resources: Lots of metal bits both heavy and light weighted. Very few bones.

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    I'm based in the Round Hill area, but I've scavenged over half the map since the last scavenging changes.

    I haven't found more than one blueprint in an area, so I can't see any pattern there. Otherwise, I find pretty much the same materials everywhere. I find the rarer metal types (titanium, chrome, gold, silver) everywhere. Either the regional resources are so rare that it will be difficult to see the distribution pattern, or there really isn't a regional pattern.

    As far as patterns go, the basic patterns and the artisans tool patterns appear to be all in one table with an equal chance for each pattern. Since there are more leather craft and tool patterns, you will fine more of them than the less numerous weapon, bone and basketry patterns. Master tool patterns are much more rare.

    One thing that may be regional is cloth color. I haven't found any brown, orange, fandango or cerulean cloth since the big scavenge changes. In my area 40%+ of the cloth fabric and scraps I find is cobalt. After that white is the most common, but it was always about twice as common as other colors.

    Bear/coyote/deer/raccoon fur and fur scraps are extremely rare (much rarer than bones). I've found one mule deer fur and fur scrap. Sadly, leather craft has no recipes using mule deer fur. However, I have a bin of fur and one of fur scraps from back when these were common. Someone starting since the big scav changes will find it almost impossible to make one of the full level 70 leather sets.

    Another big gripe is that now each weapon part now seems to have an equal chance of dropping, including the hoe and pitchfork heads that don't have a use. The problem with this is that 14 of my 48 weapon recipes require knife blades. There are three types of bats and two of spades and pick heads, but only one knife blade.


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    The scavenge list in Edgewood is basically the same as Mac's Sugarpine.

    I've found recipes from pretty much every possible group and drop fairly regularly. I get 5-6 per scavenge run, most of which I just delete as I already have all leather, cloth, and grass recipes and am only looking for Arch and Arty/Master tools.
    The only difference I've noticed between regions is what type of metals drop as uncommons and rares. Bronze, Gold, and Silver drop near me, but I have to go to Kings for Brass, Aluminum, or Chrome.
    Weapon parts are pretty evenly distributed. Cloth colors trend in Cobalt, Crimson, White, Forest Green, and Jonquil.

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