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    Participating in a test?


    Is it possible to participate in a closed beta of this game?

    I have a rich gaming background and a top notch PC configuration.


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    Nope. You must buy the game to play it.

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    Oh.. so It's already released?
    Because there's no download button on the website, so I thought It's still in beta testing.. Of course I'm gonna buy this game

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    Click "Order Now" at the top, you will get a download when you buy.

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    After I saw the price and bunch of a negative comments, I think that It's a bad approach to force people to buy so expensive game (which is not totally finished?) just to get disappointed/happy with it.
    I'd wait for some sort of a trial. Even 1 day would be enough, but throwing $40 for "don't know what" is not an option.

    Too bad, going to look for another survival sandbox game

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    Take care, I'm not going to disagree with you. My thing is that with enough videos and things out there, I dont see the need for a trial. Now how you view those videos, comments and other things is your opinion. Just saying I wouldnt mind paying money to play a game if I read up on it and had player videos of gameplay to watch and choose myself.

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    I agree with you, but yet this game have to offer a trial or at least there should be an in-game progress which is not, according to player's comments.
    Just hanging around in the world and crafting invaluable tools etc, can get boring very quickly.

    Anyways, thanks for your comments.
    I'll definitely come back after a while to see if things have changed.

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    It's still quite cheap for Europeans to buy compared to a normal box set whether it be downloaded or bought in a store. Just saying.
    And I wouldn't pay much attention to negative posters though they have a point, it's not as bad as they make it seem.

    The game should not support a trial at the moment for that it is still far to undeveloped.

    There is in fact a download button. It's a link to the Launcher download, installing the launcher will let you download and install the game. It's found in Announcement --> Xsyon Updates, but that might require the use of an active account.

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    Indeed, but still... My opinion was approved today when I've downloaded "Mortal Online", so many great trailers, feedbacks, videos, but...

    Well, inside the game It's totally sucks. I'm not a WoW grown kid, I've played many games and MO very disappointed me, but what is good in it - they have 14 days trial, so I'm sure I will not buy it.. It's very buggy and even the simple bugs that are very annoying yet not fixed after the release (Even me, as a developer, I see how to fix the bugs with no time, but they seem to focus on another things), I just afraid to get the same result here, but after paying money.

    I'm not from EU or US, $1 is 3.4NIS here, so It's kinda expensive for an unknown game for us

    Dear Developers, let us try it at least for one day, even on a test server...

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