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    As John awoke with a terrible headache from deep within his mine he had an eerie feeling that things simply were not quite right. A feeling of boding dread overcame him as he exited and looked around. Some strange green mist had somehow covered a majority of the landscape. Gone were all traces of civilization.

    Being an experienced outdoorsman he realized the need to quickly assess his current situation. He knew suddenly that his very survival depended upon every meager item within his small backpack.

    Taking a quick assessment he knew his pick, fishing pole, and skinning knife were about to become very important. Suddenly while deep in thought he began assessing skills which would be essential to surviving whatever catastrophe had befallen the world.

    He fondly remembered making rudimentary tools, Hunting, Fishing, and the making of basic shelters which he had considered fun and games during his childhood summers with his grandfather with the Ute. With some remorse he reflected that while he had remembered many of the basics he hadn't paid quite as much attention to some things as he ought. Take for instance basket weaving, He remembered some basics such as getting thread from grass, but hadn't paid much attention to what else could be done with such materials since he preferred making tools and hunting. An oversight which he knew he would likely pay dearly for in the days/weeks to come.

    Quickly snapping back to the present he spurred himself into action. Knowing that food would be one of the most important of commodities in the next few days he decided he had better grab his rod and head to the lake before heading off in search of whatever the day held. Besides, Fishing always helped him reflect on things better.

    While fishing he realized his few meager tools were not going to accomplish much at this time, and storage was a severe concern due to the size of his small backpack. While considering his options he formulated a plan. He would to search the surrounding area around the lake and see what he could find that others had carelessly abandoned or not properly secured. As this was being considered he felt a brief pang of guilt, but, this quickly receded as he justified such actions as an act required for survival.

    That simple justification made every survival movie he had ever seen come rushing to mind. How quickly people had turned upon each other in a vast majority of those titles. Pondering this he determined that it had become survival of the fittest and that would likely require him to fight at some point. Being an avid hunter had left him some skills in such things, but, facing another person in a fight to the death might be another matter altogether. Skills which he now realized he must hone studiously while doing activities which would build his strength and agility. He felt the weight of the pick upon his back, as well as the knife at his belt. While each would have their advantages he decided that if push came to shove a pick could be used for much more than just breaking up rocks in search of a dwindling supply or now worthless ores.

    While the fish hadn't been biting very well he had managed to catch 5 as he pondered his situation. Since space was a problem he determined that would have to be enough for now and sat out in search of improperly secured items. Hopefully he would find some containers and tools to add to the screwdriver, wrench, Craft knife, and Hammer he had playfully built a mere day before.

    He decided to head east after skirting a portion of the lake in search of tools. After all This was a busy tourist spot. Surely some wannabe outdoorsman from the city had been frightened off and left their things laying around in their rush.

    Added after 4 Hours 26 minutes:

    After several rough days traveling high in the mountains searching for a place which will hold me over the winter which is quickly approaching I finally stumble upon a secluded site with ample supplies nearby.

    It appears to have once been a bustling Lumber camp of some sort. After crouching on an overlooking hill in between fishing and foraging to fight back the ever present hunger, I keep an eye upon the camp for several days. Having seen nobody around I determine it is time to sneak somewhat closer to search for signs of life.

    Nestled in the trees almost completely hidden from view is an astounding find. The buildings from the active days of the camp are still present, however, obviously abandoned. As I cautiously creep around the decaying area I notice there are trees growing up thru the once carefully placed floors. Surely if this place were inhabited by even one person they would not have allowed that to happen.

    I determine to watch for a week or more to determine and insure that my find is truly abandoned. Waiting for the time to claim it as my own. Knowing all the while it will see me thru the impending winter comfortably.

    Added after 11 Hours 3 minutes:

    As I awaken this morning I see that it was a very good idea to bide my time waiting and watching. Magically overnight an entire mini city and aqueduct has appeared. As I wander the area most is still not officially claimed by a tribe. What a strange world this is.

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    Very good story in diary form. Thanks for that.

    Perhaps it would better for this thread if a moderator would move it to a more suitable forum. It deserves that.

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