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    Questions for the week 10/03 through 10/09

    Please post you questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    Are there any plans to add an option to make totem quests visible from other totems within the zone? I'm not suggesting to allow players to pick up quest rewards from their remote totem - only the quest itself. Players would have to travel to the remote totem to drop off quest requirements and pick up the reward. This would really help to build trade within a zone.

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    You are changing stat gains with combat. Yet some of us already maxed out or have high combat. How are we to gain those points that we should have got from training combat?

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    ETA on carts?

    ETA on water jugs?

    ETA on agriculture?

    ETA on ranged combat?

    ETA on zombies?

    ETA on terrain expansion?

    You keep saying "soon" or "its in the works". Can we have more definitive answers please?

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    I would like to know this as well..

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    I realize the chat box has been greatly improved but Im wondering if there is any chance at all that this box could be tweaked? Id like to be able to resize it for one thing. It takes up a huge amount of my screen and kind of gets in the way of whatever Im doing. Id also like to be able to readjust font size. I am visually impaired and this is something that would help a great deal not only for myself but others with similar problems seeing.

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