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    Golgafrincham! [Neutral]

    Well hello there!

    We are an expeditional tribe of the golgafrincham B ark ship which crash landed on this planet which we named Fintlewoodlewix. We were sent out to find a more potent telephone polish than mud, but after many weeks of searching we unfortunately hit some sort of time warp thingey and was subsequently plunged 2 million years forwards in time.
    Now it seems civlization came, has been and went on its merry way, very well! We will start a new civilization it will be organised, secure, all telephones will be spotless and you can be sure to allways get a nice haircut.
    We are a people mainly consisting of hairdressers, tired TV producers, insurance salesmen, personnel officers, security guards, management consultants and telephone sanitisers. Granted so far I am the only here, but I hold the values of these professions in high esteem! Come over to my little place in the mountains of Kings: zone 742 947:808, there is allready a safe and dry place here for you to put up your feet.

    Short facts:

    Current size: 1! (We will aim to keep it small)
    Areas of interest: building, crafting, exploration and PVP.
    Timezone: European, but everyone is welcome.
    Ages: +18.

    Name: Banden
    Age: 27
    Location: Denmark
    Area of expertise: Toolcraft, Archietect, bonecrafter and mason.

    We will be a tribe were everyone are free to do as they please, the ultimate goal is to build the most spectacular tribelands the world has ever seen. We will gather, build, be merry and kill anyone who gets in our way! Contact me ingame or throw a reply to this thread.

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    Welcome to the neighborhood.

    Please note that in the Tahoe area, the leaf is not a currency. Please do not destroy a deciduous forest to pay for that last ships biscuit.

    If you are hungry you are welcome to some fish, as long as you are suitably grateful.


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