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    The Mercenary Raid - 10/09/2011 - 12pm PST

    The Mercenaries did not take kindly to the slaughter of their patrol party!

    The word among the Survivors is that they are planning to attack this coming Sunday, as an act of revenge for their fellow Mercs!

    They need to be stopped!

    The Mercenaries are much stronger than the average Survivors, they are extremely good crafters, which enable them to use the most highest quality Armor and Weapons.
    Because of this, they will require a small group to defeat... even just 1!will prove to be challenging.

    Band together on this coming Sunday at 12pm PST to help push back the Mercenaries.

    The Event will be Players V's Mercenaries, the Loot will be Free for all, and you keep what you kill.
    The Mercenaries will also loot the Survivors!

    This event will require planning and tactics from the Survivors.

    We will announce before the Event where the Mercenaries will begin their attack.

    Good Luck.

    Event - The Mercenary Raid
    Date - 10/09/2011
    Time - 12pm PST

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    If anyone wants to make plans with the Champion of Xsyon, please contact me. MrDDT will help rid these things from our lands. Who will stand with me?

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    Raguel, you gotta get better at dates Don't you mean 10/9/2011?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
    Raguel, you gotta get better at dates Don't you mean 10/9/2011?
    Dam Typo's

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    Event starts soon. I hope we have people willing to defend Tahoe.

    Added after 12 Hours 31 minutes:

    Wow, what a fun event.
    Had a lot of people showing out for it. I saw a lot of people dying, and fighting. Thanks guides for another very fun event.

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