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    Questions for the week 10/10 through 10/16

    Please post your questions to the developers below...

    Thank you.

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    When can we expect a fix for those of us at skill level 100 being unable to learn new recipes via crafting and inspiration? It has been acknowledged and has even had a pass at attempting to fix it, but the fix didn't work.

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    Is there a reason guides are not allowing players to play how they wish? Preventing other players from attacking players in the "FFA PVP" world? I would like to know why rules are being changed by guides?

    I like the guide events dont get me wrong, but when will there be reasons for players to do these events? Right now guides are able to give out loot that players cant even get in the game. Zombie armor, Supreme weapons and armor, cloth braided rope. When will these rewards be things that players dont have rely on guides to spawn them for them?

    Is there going to be a change is how guides can spawn animals for other players? Or Devs that spawn trees near players totems? Where is the oversight for this type of actions that guides and devs that do this?

    What are your plans to drive the economy in this game? Still after talking to many people trading is very limited. Even players with high skills have issues of people wanting their master crafted items?

    What are the plans for these master recipes and artisan recipes? Currently they do not offer any bonus over using normal tools.

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    Are there any plans to increase the availability of bonus (bear, raccoon, deer, coyote) fur? Currently this type of fur is only found through scavenging and is extremely rare.

    Are there any plans to increase the spawn of animals? Currently trees spawn faster than critters.

    Are there any plans to increase the difficulty/danger of animals? The damage done by critters was nerfed right before combat changes went live and has remained low.


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    What are your plans for expansion totems?

    If I remember correctly, you want them to able to placed anywhere in the world, just like safe totems are now. You also want safe totems to be able to placed anywhere in the world. So any type of totem, anywhere.

    Is this your plan for when you open up the new lands? Have you thought of the massive abuse problems this would bring in? They are so great in fact, that it would defeat the purpose of even having non safe zones.

    A tribe of 100 players who do not have a safe zone could have 1 extra account, in which they make a safe zone homestead. The tribe of 100 would then use that homestead to keep all their goods safe, yet still have the benefit of being able to attack other expansion totems and be able to have their own expansion totem. So if it is done this way, it defeats the entire purpose of non safe zone expansion totems.

    I'd greatly appreciate some detail on this matter, as speed of development isn't what concerns me. It is the intent of the development. And if you intend to do it this way I simply won't play. The potential for fun times with non safe zones and expansion totem is the only hope I have left for my enjoyment of this game. Because if you add this in, all of a sudden everything has meaning. Comfort bonus has meaning, high level gear has meaning, skill levels have meaning. In addition to adding skill decay and a much, much stronger soft cap which will cause more crafting specialization, which will give pure crafters more value in this game.

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