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    Looking for Tribe

    I'm the previous tribe leader for Apache, however my tribe has long since quit and I'm looking for a new tribe to join.

    I'm an expert terraformer, I can do amazing things with a shovel

    I'm looking for a tribe that meets the following:

    1. Territory Control (alignment status is not important to me I can go either way, good or bad)
    2. Massive fortress/city building
    3. Works together as a team
    4. Uses either Ventrilo or Team Speak
    5. Private Member Storage/Housing

    I know the game is a bit stale right now, so I don't care about the actives as long as the leaders are active

    Send me a PM with your in game info (location too) and as soon as I get the game downloaded again (about an hour left) I'll jump in and find you

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    The Audacian Republic is probably just what you are looking for. Unfortunately, the only active tribe in this game is Pawnee. They don't exactly have my flavor of architecture, but are a good group of people who like to build. I'm not sure if they use any vent/teamspeak.

    However, I'm willing to take a stab at trying to get some more people to join our tribe, because I do enjoy terraforming, however, not alone. I can do it when other people are online though.

    Anyway, we have a massive construction project, and probably the most modern looking city in Xsyon. It has come a long way since the mass exodus of population back in March/April even with just a half dozen of us building it.

    Pros to joining AR: Huge territory space (54 members), lots of terraforming projects (IE huge structures like the keep of Apache), excellent location for scavenging (junk pile where you don't even have to watch your path, theres just so much junk), expansion/conquest guild (if that ever comes to this game), and we use vent

    Cons to joining: Our leaders, except for me (and I'm just a temporary leader until/if our leaders ever return), do not play. In fact, I am the only one who does. The problem is with population and that no body wants to join an inactive guild, they would rather solo. Another problem is most people don't understand how fun terraforming can be when you have more than a tiny 1 or 5 man space to do it, so most new players to this game just make a homestead then quit after not seeing any other players.

    Anyways, if you were willing to make a strong effort in trying to be online and recruit others, I think I could convince our leaders to maybe give a look at the game again, or at least give us the go ahead to do some more recruiting. the problem is they dont want people joining the guild without applying on our forums, so others who are not active in Xsyon can still see we have new members.

    For me, the biggest thing is having fun. I am able to do this building Audacia...however, it must be done from the perspective that this is just some wonderful eye candy. Yeah, it would be great if these cities actually had some use and meaning one day, but I find when I think too far ahead to what this game could and should be, I just get pissed that it is not there already, and get burned out from building the city.

    One of the things we are about 50% done with is the player housing terraces and lots. Each member will get his own lot in which they can design how they choose. We at least have enough areas done now, that we could handle maybe 5-10 new players (we are talking large lots here almost homestead sized, after all we do have a lot of space to work with). I think new players would be more keen on staying active in the game if they had their own lot they could design and build themselves, and of course if the tribe they were in was friendly and populated. A friendly and populated tribe builds on itself, just look at Pawnee.

    An extremely unorganized message to you sir, I apologize, but let me know if you are interested. At least come check out what we have built. I may be able to convince 4-5 of the old active players to rejoin ( all loved terraforming) if we can get some sort of activity going in this tribe and game again.

    Zone 904, pos: 300, 500

    wow i would post this here instead of in a PM...ah oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    The Audacian Republic is probably just what you are looking for. Unfortunately, the only active tribe in this game is Pawnee. They don't exactly have my flavor of architecture, but are a good group of people who like to build. I'm not sure if they use any vent/teamspeak
    Au contraire mon ami. The Xsyon Mercenaries are active. We take part in every event put on by the Guides - last Sunday there were 4 from our tribe to represent us that took part + 2 friends that are homesteaders. If you played more NorCal, you would know that. Plus we are always chatting in global, again you would know if you were ever on. Also, there are lots of new players on and old players returning.


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    let me clarify what i mean by active.

    in my opinion an "active" tribe is one with half a dozen members who log in multiple times weekly.

    if Xsyon mercs falls under that category, then I apologize. :P Pawnee is the only one that I knew of.

    I still wouldn't consider you anywhere near as active as AR was once, or as active as Pawnee currently is (we had a half dozen-dozen actives up until a few months ago, and not even then did our tribe feel active. So our idea of active is different.

    Again, apologies.

    Anyway Keith, both Pawnee and XsyonMercs are great tribes. Just not my flavor when it comes to their design style. If you are looking for massive projects (meaning as a tribe), the only ones I can really think of are the AR and Legion. Legion is building a nice city, although I am not so sure as to the scale of their projects. I don't know much about what they are trying to do, but their city does look modern and large.


    also, i dont really appreciate the condescending attitude towards me not playing this game. i can act that way too but choose not too. for example, i could say "if you have been to the AR lately, you would understand why none of us play"

    (basically, if we played much more we would beat the game. no, hopi didnt beat the game, they built a stick village without any terraforming. when you run out of room to build, shit gets really boring. we do not want that to happen)

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