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    Question Noob Like what I see but...

    Can someone plz tell me how the pvp works? Will I be out getting wood or something and get killed and robbed?

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    It can happen, yes. Is it likely, hell no. I have only been killed by one other player in this game and that was a mutual decision to face each other. I could have ran away at any time (which is another problem I see. No ranged attacks cause for extremely easy fleeing in combat).

    It is full loot PvP, except when you are in your own tribe territory.

    To me this game will only become interesting when we can battle over extremely interesting rewards. Such as territory designed by other players. This is not to say that I want capital totems to be able to be captured. That option should be allowed, through mutual warfare agreement. However, never forced.

    The option I am speaking of is the ability to remove safe zone of your capital totem (IE, your baskets can be looted and players killed if enemy forces can get inside your city walls), in exchange for the ability to place expansion totems (at a progressively more expensive cost of materials for the amount of expansion totems and size of each expansion totem) and the ability to capture expansion totems.

    This way, those who do not seek to lose their work or have any items stolen or ever be killed on their own land, will simply choose to stay on that land. They will not be able to participate in having a 2nd/3rd+++ territories which are able to placed in expansion lands only.

    Those who do wish to have some risk/reward and the ability to fight for territory and expand nations boundaries, will have to do so by giving up protections on their capital totem. So in essence, members of tribes who do this will never have a true safe zone. They will have one territory that cannot be captured (the capital), but th ey will have zero territories in which their items have protection or where their characters themselves have protection from death.

    So there is a positive and negative to both sides.

    And I really hope that is how Xsyon designs the system going forward.

    How are you liking this game so far?

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    yes the game would allow this to happen, however due to population numbers and the type of tribes currently ingame I would say u would be very unlucky if this actually happened.

    I been playing for over 6 months and only been attacked once while out collecting resourses, and it wasn't even MrDDT .

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    Most players won't attack you on sight, unless you are doing something to aggravate them. There are a few exceptions, but it's a big map.

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    you also have to think about the low population, there just are not that many people running around as it is - so at this point you are not likely to get killed.

    however, with the right population I doubt you would want to go out alone for very long.

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